While the beta is now open and free to all, regardless of pre-order status, the only way to play the Destiny 2 beta this week without a code won in a giveaway was to pre-order the game.

Best Buy got wise to some of the pre-order abuse going down, and they made a choice. The company is charging those who pre-order the game, activate the beta code and cancel their pre-order a $20 fee.

One fan who did exactly that reached out to Best Buy on Twitter. “Hello,” they write. “I recently canceled my pre-order of Destiny 2 and I noticed the Beta code charged me $20. Is this an error?”

Best Buy hit them back with this: “My understanding is that once the beta code has been fulfilled, there normally would be a charge if the pre-order was then canceled. ^Derek”

What do you think? Is Best Buy simply protecting itself from consumer abuse here? Or, are they violating consumer trust by charging people $20?