iPad 3 pundits and fans don’t have long to wait now, as all eyes are firmly locked on March 7 for Apple’s expected next-gen tablet announcement. But if there was ever any doubt about its imminent arrival, this might give it a little more credence: Best Buy has just knocked some bucks off its current stock of existing models.

Granted, $50 isn’t a ton of money, but when it comes to current-gen Apple products, any discount is noteworthy. And it’s interesting that the discount is coming along now. Whenever a new version of a popular device is about to drop, what usually precedes it is a discount on previous models, and this lines up nicely.

My advice? If you’re in the market for an iPad, wait for the 3: That extra $50 will likely buy you a 2,048 x 1,536-px Retina Display, quad-core A6 chip, 4G LTE, upgraded camera or a differentiated form factor. But if you’re penny-pinching, you could also wait for Apple to discount the 2, which it will probably do by at least $100 after the next-generation iPad launches.

Who’s planning to grab the iPad 3? Or will you snag a discounted iPad 2 or another tablet?

[via BoyGenius Report, source Best Buy]