Best Buy has confirmed its promotion to allow customers trade in older smartphones for a minimum credit of $100 towards an iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s.

In a statement to AllThingsD, Best Buy has confirmed the leaked iPhone promotion that TechnoBuffalo exclusively revealed yesterday. The majority of the promotion will run from Oct. 13 through Oct. 19 as originally stated, but those looking for an iPhone 5c can begin taking advantage of the deal today at Best Buy Mobile locations.

As we reported yesterday, you can bring in an older smartphone to Best Buy and trade it in for a minimum of $100 credit so long as it’s in working order and free of a cracked screen or water damage. The $100 credit is enough to walk out with a 16GB iPhone 5c for no down payment on a two-year contract.

This promotion should not be taken, we feel, as any form of indication of poor iPhone sales, but instead an effort by Best Buy to try to get more people into the stores. How do you typically do that? Just as with Black Friday sales, you offer the hottest items as enticement.