ipad-mini-accessories-displayBest Buy has allegedly ordered iPad mini accessory displays, with a picture of the full schematics obtained by AppleInsider. While the device has yet to see an announcement — case makers are supposedly scrambling due to last minute design changes — the display was said to have been ordered only after iPad mini accessories were unveiled in a spreadsheet on Wednesday.

"That list of products suggested that third-party accessory makers Belkin, Kensington and Trust all have cases for Apple's smaller iPad ready to go," AppleInsider said.

The big-box retailer is obviously confident the device is on its way — the multiple mockups and part leaks will have done plenty to convince the company as well. Still, this doesn't conclusively prove that, yes, and iPad mini is on the way. Where was our Oct. 10 invite? Maybe we'll know more soon, but after the whole iPhone 5 case debacle from last year, we're not 100 percent convinced. Yet.

[via AppleInsider]