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Babies are adorable, but their messes aren't, especially after a feeding. An everyday burp can garner an icky result. (They do have newly developed little tummies after all.) But, cuddling and caring for little ones can be conducted confidently with some projectile prep. That's where the burp cloth comes in. Burp cloths are shoulder-slung soothing layers typically crafted from soft cotton. For a little cozy security, consider the gentle touch of our cloth collection.

Comfy Cubs Cotton Muslin Burp Cloths Render

Collectible collection: Comfy Cubs cotton muslin burp cloths

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Burp cloths are an integral part of everyday baby life. These rectangular shoulder-savers, measuring 20-by-10 inches, can be the difference between a stain or an outfit change. More than that, they soothe full babies with their soft surfaces. That's what makes this set essential. Crafted from soft and airy cotton muslin, these drapey burp cloths are the perfect tossable shoulder accessory. Though light and breezy, this cuddly collection is made to combat the kaka with unrivaled absorbency. And, because they're cotton, they launder easily in the washing machine time and again. Choose from the available color and quantity options to gather or gift the essentials.

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Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton Flannel Burp Cloths Render

Playful prints: Hudson Baby unisex cotton flannel burp cloths

For feeding time and more, these soft cotton burp cloths are a stain-saver staple, capturing mealtime messes with ease. They're constructed of easy machine-washable cotton flannel, offering a soft and absorbent surface that's kind on a baby's sensitive skin. Not only are the cloths functional, but they are also fun. Festooned with a fun array of whimsical patterns, they are appealing to developing senses. These generous burp cloths, sized at 14-by-20 inches, will be the perfect mealtime addition.

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Burts Bees Baby Organic Cotton Burp Cloths Render

Oh so organic: Burt's Bees Baby organic cotton burp cloths

Natural is best when nurturing the smallest humans. And Burt's Bees makes it possible with the delicate support of their burp cloths. Each cloth is crafted (with utmost care) from GTOS-certified organic cotton and woven into a soft ribbed-knit fabric. So, babies can safely snuggle these cloths and make a mess when the need arises. Though they are gentle, the cloths are made to endure, safeguarding against anything yucky that comes to pass. With ample coverage measuring 16-by-11.8 inches, these essential, machine-washable cloths will offer more than enough protection after every feeding. Various prints and quantities are available to meet every need.

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Luvable Friends Unisex Cotton Flannel Burp Cloths Render

Mess moderators: Luvable Friends unisex cotton flannel burp cloths

Building that baby-friendly burp cloth inventory is simple with the right collection. Offering the perfect combination of softness and security, these protective 10.5-by-6.7-inch cloths are a great selection. Each cloth is cast in a comfy cotton flannel fabric that has a soft touch and propensity for moisture retention. They'll effortlessly sweep away messes and pop in the washing machine for quick clean-up. Several cheery patterns adorn these shoulder-ready accessories, offering a little character to a mealtime must-have. Choose your favorite combination and quantity from the available options.

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Keababies Organic Burp Cloths Render

Shapely staple: KeaBabies organic burp cloths

Conveniently contoured to nestle against your shoulder, these 21-by-10.5-inch burp cloths are made to stay perched and at the ready. The protective cloths are constructed of three absorbent layers, the exterior blanketed in organic cotton. So, naturally, babies will be comforted by the super-soft texture and saved by their mighty mess-catching properties. Finished with a bevy of lively colors and patterns, they're sure to be a fast, functional favorite.

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Classic cloths

Messes are inevitable, but also manageable with the right tools. Whether it's a post mealtime whoopsie or mid-teething drizzle, burp cloths are a soft solution that retain the excess and shield shoulders. The Comfy Cubs cotton muslin burp cloths, our top pick, are a must-have, ideal for upkeep and designed to keep up. Their gentle, absorbent design provides a soft surface that retains unfortunate happenings while maintaining integrity with each wash.

If you're looking for a natural option, look no further than the Burt's Bees Baby organic cotton burp cloths. Created with the care of pure cotton, this collection will calm little ones with a soft texture and impress parents with absorbent ribbed-knit fabric. With several quantities and fun patterns to choose from, it's hard not to add these cloths to the shopping list.

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