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When rope just won't do, bungee cords are a great way to secure cargo firmly. They're flexible, providing better tension to hold your items in place. Most bungee cords have a round latex core and metal hooks on each end, but today's market has more options than ever. Should you need to tie down a tent, lash a mattress to your car roof, or secure furniture on a windy patio, we've got you covered with our selection of bungee cords.

Fortem Bungee Cord 30 Pc Set

Best overall: FORTEM 30-Piece Bungee Cord Assortment w/ Hooks

Staff pick

Campers and travelers, rejoice—Fortem proves that a well-appointed set of bungee cords can be both compact and portable, thanks to their 30-piece bungee cord set and carrying bag. The heavy-duty, steel-cored hooks hang tough, and the thoughtful inclusion of a cargo net and ratchet straps sets it apart from most bungee cord kits. Its wide assortment of cord lengths and shapes makes it the most comprehensive bundle on this list, thus earning its spot as the best overall.

$26 at Amazon
Looprope Bungee Cord

Innovative design: LOOPROPE Bungee Cord Tie-Down System

Worried about snapback from a too-short bungee cord holding too much for its capacity? Enter the Looprope - it's a worthy replacement for cargo nets, standard bungees, and ratchet straps. Loops of tangle-free 1/4-inch bungee cord are evenly distributed along the main rope. Available in 3-foot and 5-foot lengths, the included double-gated carabiners secure cargo with a custom fit.

$21 at Amazon
Cartman Ultra 48 Inch 4pk Bungee Cords

Flat and fabulous: CARTMAN Ultra 48" Black/Yellow Flat Bungee Cord 4-Pack

Thanks to their flat design, CARTMAN's ultra-flat bungee cords won't damage softer goods (like cardboard moving boxes). These cords are even adjustable—simply pull the hook free, and tug until it's the length you need. The hooks are extra-sturdy, with a steel core wrapped in glass and nylon. CARTMAN sells these 48-inch bungee cords in a 4-pack, so you're equipped for any load.

$11 at Amazon
Sgt Knots Orange Bungee

Marine-grade: Sgt. Knots 72-Inch Bungee Cord

With eight lengths and six bold colors, you can't go wrong with any of Sgt. Knots' Marine-grade bungee cords. Each size comes in a 4-pack, and the 72-inch rope is one of the longest we saw offered—and all of Sgt. Knots' bungee cords have 100% stretch capacity and durable metal hooks. Best of all, they're resistant to UV degradation (which can cause the innermost latex cable to snap over time), moisture, oils, and abrasion.

$33 at Amazon
Sdcd Tech Bungee Carabiner 72inch

Securely stretchy: SDTC Tech 72 Inch Bungee Cord with Carabiner Hook 4-Pack

Offered in 2-packs and 4-packs, STCD Tech's Bungee Cords with Carabiner Hooks are some of the stretchiest bungee cords out there. Nylon silk covers a 1/3 inch latex core, capable of an incredible 150% stretch capability. The zinc-alloy spring carabiners are always superior to hooks; they won't slip off and provide a firmer anchor point. Multiple lengths are available, ranging from 18 inches to 72 inches.

$25 at Amazon
Kotap Ball Bungee 25 Pc 6 Inch

Perfect for patios: Kotap 6-Inch Ball Bungee Cords 25-pack

Tie-down tarps and canopies in a cinch with Kotap's 25-pack of 6-Inch ball bungee cords, available in 3 different lengths. They're a better option than standard rope for securing such things, due to the slight movement allowed by the elastic cord. These cords' inherent flexibility protects grommets and helps them last longer. Nylon balls at the end provide a firm grasp around poles, bundles of wire, garden hoses, and more.

From $8 at Amazon
Bungee Cord Yellow Carabiners

Bright and secure: Strapright Bungee Cord with Carabiners 6-Pack

Misplacing your bungee cords is a thing of the past, with this vividly lemon-colored set by Strapright. Sold in a 6-pack, their 60-inch length is geared toward heftier loads. Strapright ensures that the cord is clamped and molded directly into their spring-loaded carabiner cores. This prevents dangerous snapback and offers a more dependable anchor point.

$26 at Amazon

Bottom line

With so many bungee cords to choose from, it can be tough to suss out the right one for you. You'll generally want bungee cords that won't snap when overburdened. Equally important is whether they're equipped with robust hooks or carabiners to match. Price is actually less of a factor since the vast majority of bungee cords today are inexpensive and come in sets that add accessories and, therefore, value.

You'll get an excellent selection of cords and accessories with the 30-piece bungee cord assortment from FORTEM. It's a set that anyone can turn to and find precisely the cord they're looking for (and then some). If you prefer simplicity but still need adaptability, then CARTMAN's Adjustable Ultra-Flat 4-Pack of bungee cords is the way to go.

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