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Whether you need to protect your precious breakables as you move or you're shipping fragile items, the packaging is important. Bubble wrap ensures that knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and more are unharmed during their travels. That air-filled bubble paper offers a cushioned barrier to absorb any turbulence along the way. To ensure your items arrive at their destination intact, we've curated a list of the best bubble wrap.

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Original Protective Packaging Render

Signature shipment essential: Duck Brand Bubble Wrap original protective packaging

Staff Pick

Easily ship all fragile parcels with the help of the classic padded wrap by Duck Brand. Each foot of this 12-inch air-filled plastic wrap contours items that can shatter, crack, chip, or break, safeguarding with a secure fit. This durable, ultra-cushiony wrap is crafted with a nylon air retention barrier to keep bubbles plump and prepared to sustain impact. Perforations even occur every 12 inches for easy size customization. Choose from several available length and package options to meet your needs.

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Uboxes Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap Render

Ship it, ship it good: Uboxes small bubble cushioning wrap

Don't go to great lengths to ensure your shipments arrive damage-free, just invest in some bubble wrap. This value roll includes 175 generous feet of 12-inch cushioned wrap, perfect for packing precious mug collections and more. It's constructed of durable polyethylene to secure items, so they are snug and free from clatters and clanks. The wrap even has perforations every 12 inches to achieve the perfect size for each item. You'll have peace of mind wrapping your valuables in this hefty packing essential.

$21 at Amazon
Uspackshop Upkg Brand Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap Render

Lots of length: USPACKSHOP upkg brand small bubble cushioning wrap

If you make regular shipments, this four-roll set offers a whopping 700 feet of bubble wrap. The 12-inch wrap has small (but mighty) air-filled bubbles made to withstand jostles and jerks, keeping glassware and more, safe from unwanted damage. The wrap is also perforated every 12 inches, so you can size it to fit and shape your items perfectly.

$35 at Amazon
Abc Pack Supply Bubble Out Bags Render

Padded pouches: ABC Pack & Supply Bubble Out bags

Made specifically for individual items that need extra protection, these bubble pouches offer specialized care. Each pouch is constructed of air-filled bubble wrap and secured with an adhesive strip to safeguard delicate items. This set consists of 25 pouches, but there are a variety of quantity and size options to choose from.

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Hblife 50 Pack 4 By 8 Inch Bubble Mailers Render

Seal in safety: HBlife bubble mailers

Send small items on their way safely with the security of a bubble mailer envelope. This envelope set will keep your tiniest treasures safe as they embark on their postal adventure. Each envelope is constructed of lightweight, durable plastic and has 80gsm bubble lining. They also feature an adhesive tamper-proof seal for added security. Choose from several sizes and color options

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Wrap it up

Whether you're shipping personal items or fulfilling an order, you want shipments to reach their destination in perfect condition. Rather than just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, there are packing materials that can help fulfill this wish. Bubble wrap is first on the list. This air-filled cushioning embraces fragile items, defending them with a shock-resistant layer. Our first pick is the Duck Brand Bubble Wrap original protective packaging because it offers protection to the items that are susceptible to chips, cracks, and dents. With a nylon air retention barrier, each little bubble remains inflated to support your stuff with every bounce and bump travel can bring. Practical perforations also define the wrap so it can be sized to fit whatever you need to preserve. This durable wrap has a 12-inch width and is available in a variety of length options.

For those that have a lot of personal items or products to ship, the USPACKSHOP upkg brand small bubble cushioning wrap offers quantity. This lengthy 12-inch roll offers 700 feet of bubble-filled cushioning to absorb impact and sustain fragile items. To help divide the wrap into just-the-right-size pieces for each item, this roll has perforations every 12 inches.

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