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Bubble baths are the pinnacle of relaxation. With a little lather, warm water-filled tubs transform into fizzing beaded oases. To draw the perfect bubbling bath, the right soap must first be selected. Featuring everything from essential oils to moisturizing aloes, there are a variety of choices poised to invigorate and replenish as you wash away the day. (There are even fun options for the kiddos to enjoy.) So, shift into relaxation mode with our bubble bath selection.

Dr Teals Sooth Sleep Lavender Foaming Bath Render

Essential lavender: Dr Teal's Sooth & Sleep Lavender foaming bath

Staff Pick

Bring the spa to your bathroom with the sudsy serenity of this calming bubble bath. Designed to provide tranquility, this foaming bath is infused with aromatic lavender and soothing Epsom salt. The soap's floral scent is meant to inspire relaxation, while the Epsom salt melts away stress in panicked muscles, helping to relieve soreness and ache. Unwinding from the daily grind is simple, just add this soap to warm, right-from-the-tap water and let the lather-filled leisure time begin. If lavender isn't your speed, other helpful formulas are available.

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The Honest Company Truly Calming Lavender Bubble Bath Render

Child-friendly: The Honest Company Truly Calming lavender bubble bath

Bathe bambinos with the natural comfort of The Honest Company's gentle lavender bubble bath. Little ones will get swept up in the calming scent provided by the essential oil-focused formula. Its tear-free composition fills water with a nurturing pile of foamy bubbles, cleaning and moisturizing skin with the help of organic chamomile, calendula, and more. It perfect for delicate skin because it is created without harsh ingredients like sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and parabens. Additional formula options are also available to keep tiny humans happy.

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Alba Botanica Very Emollient Honey Mango Bath Shower Gel Render

Multipurpose must-have: Alba Botanica Very Emollient honey mango bath & shower gel

Pump up the suds with this lush lathering bath essential. Its earthy formula is primed with botanicals, including honey, mango, vanilla, and even aloe. Invented with a natural vision, this effervescing gel builds with bubble after bubble to gently nourish skin without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Its citrusy fragrance will rejuvenate skin and invigorate senses with hydration and its bright and fresh aromatic notes. Great for quick showers or indulgent baths, this gel's versatile purpose will make it an integral component of your daily regimen. It's also available in French lavender.

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Solimo Milk And Honey Bubble Bath Render

Honey do: Solimo milk and honey bubble bath

Relaxation is as simple as opening the tap with this rich bubble bath by Amazon's Solimo brand. Designed to provide a bounty of aromatic bubbles, this essential oil-infused formula transforms bathrooms into a serine space, removing worry and stress. It features a warm milk and honey scent that fills the air with soothing notes, so you can enjoy a fragrant and replenishing experience. With a generous 32 ounces of bubble bath, you'll have plenty of opportunities to work downtime into your daily routine.

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Mr. Bubble 2 Pack Extra Gentle Bubble Bath

Bathtime classic: Mr. Bubble 2-pack extra gentle bubble bath

Get double the bubbles with two bottles of this iconic tub-ready soap by Mr. Bubble. This sudsy staple crafts the puffiest bubble clouds with just a little warm water. Great for kids and kids at heart, the sensitive, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, no-tears formula concentrates on providing a complete and gentle clean without upsetting sensitive skin. And did we mention the bubbles? With this bath time essential, you'll have all of them and more. The two generous bottles you'll receive amount to 72 ounces, 36 ounces each. Now that accounts for a whole lot of baths!

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Deep Steep Coconut Lime Bubble Bath Render

Luxe lather: Deep Steep coconut lime bubble bath

Sometimes the simplest pleasure is the foamy suds of a bubble bath, and this fresh tropical incarnation is a great choice for those restorative downtime moments. Crafted with body-loving ingredients designed to soothe and hydrate, this formula is rich with that of coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter (to name a few). It's also important to note what this bubble bath is without; it doesn't include parabens, sulfates, or even dies. This hygienic must-have fills bathtubs with dreamy bubbles, yes, but it also ensures skin is well cared for. And when it's time to take a moment to relax, that's what's most important. If coconut lime isn't your scent, there are several other options to accommodate your preferences.

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All the bubbles

It's important to take time to destress and replenish, and a simple bath can do the trick. But not just any old bath, a bubble bath. Using sudsy soaps fashioned with essential oils and botanicals, these bubble baths offer calming scents and softening hydration. Not only that, when the soap is added to warm, flowing water, bathtubs are filled with tufts of light, fluffy bubbles. And there's something about bubbles that instantly lift spirits. For those looking to lather, our first choice is Dr Teal's Sooth & Sleep Lavender foaming bath because of its divine floral scent. The soothing lavender fragrance encourages relaxation, which is crucial when easing from the stress of a hard day. The formula even has a sprinkle of Epsom salt, which helps relieve sore and tired muscles. So, adding this soap to a bath can only bring positive vibes.

For an option that will allow little ones to have a sudsy splash, the The Honest Company Truly Calming lavender bubble bath is a pick that bubbles to the surface. This natural lavender-based formula is comprised of cleansing and nurturing ingredients from organic chamomile to calendula.

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