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Homemade doesn't have to be hard work, especially as far as bread is concerned. You can effortlessly whip up fluffy loaves with the help of a bread maker. The warm scent of bread rising will fill your kitchen with the promise of delicious airy slices, from white to honey wheat. Bread makers can handle any loaf you dream up. With a variety of programmable settings, these machines knead and bake automatically so you can enjoy fresh, hassle-free bread at any time. We've collected the best bread makers around to kick-start your at-home bakery.

Oster Bread Maker Render

Easy, efficient bake: Oster bread maker

Staff Pick

You'll be eating fresh, yummy bread of your own making in no time with this programmable machine by Oster. With the capacity to carry a 2-pound loaf, this accommodating machine can easily conjure delicious bread. It features a total of 12 bread and three crust settings to create your favorite recipe, performing everything from kneading to baking. Programming is as easy as pushing the buttons on the LCD control panel. The machine even lets you know when you can add nuts and other mixable items for convenient customization. If you need bread in a hurry (who doesn't), there's a setting for that too. Aside from multiple settings, the machine is simple to clean with a removable lid and non-stick aluminum pan.

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Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker

Custom creations: Hamilton Beach digital bread maker

Baking bread is as simple as pushing a button with this must-have appliance. This 12-setting bread maker creates yummy, enjoyable loaves, programmed by the easy control panel with a convenient digital display. There are several settings to choose from to prep and customize your loaf, including the size, cycle, and crust. The machine features a removable non-stick pan and kneading paddles that simply clean in the dishwasher.

$70 at Amazon
Kbs Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine Render

Multi-setting master: KBS Pro stainless steel bread machine

If you're looking for a sleek bread makin' addition to your countertop, this streamlined stainless steel option is a great choice. You'll customize and create hot, delicious loaves by making a few selections from the touch-pad control panel. It has options for bread size and crust as well as 17 pre-programmed settings like soft bread, whole wheat, and sugar-free. The bread rises in a ceramic pan that disperses heat evenly for a consistent bake. If you want to mix in yummy surprises like nuts, raisins, and more, the handy dispenser will automatically distribute the tasty additions. No matter what you choose to bake, this efficient little machine will deliver delicious results.

$140 at Amazon
Cuisinart Cbk 200 Convection Bread Maker Render

A crust above: Cuisinart CBK-200 Convection Bread Maker

The best thing about making homemade bread is using your recipe, tailoring the ingredients to your preferences. A bread maker will take these yummy selections and craft the loaf of your dreams. This 680-watt stainless steel model is constructed to transform ingredients into delicious fresh and fragrant loaves, with a few button pushes. It features crust color and loaf size selections as well as 16 programmed settings. To create the ideal crust tone and consistency, this machine uses air with its special convection feature.

$160 at Amazon

Fulfill the knead

If you want to bring the delicious taste of homemade bread into your kitchen without a lot of work, a bread maker is an answer. You can dust off your favorite recipe because these efficient appliances are designed to remove the hassle and bring on the fresh taste. Our first choice is the Oster bread maker because this beautiful little machine can make a 2-pound loaf with ease. This high-capacity design has 12 pre-programmed settings and three crust settings to ensure the final product fulfills your bread desires. When the ingredients are added, this machine takes care of everything from the kneading to the baking.

If you're in the market for a streamlined model, choose the KBS Pro stainless steel bread machine. Its rectangular design is constructed of sleek stainless steel, and it's not without features. It has 17 pre-programmed settings that can be selected from the easy touch-pad controls. The bread is created in a ceramic pan, for a consistent and delicious bake. This model even has a dispenser to distribute delectable additions like nuts and fruit.

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