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The best BPA-free teething toy is an essential purchase to help your infant through the difficult teething stage. Teething can be a truly heartbreaking process. While it's an exciting sign that your infant is growing and developing, experiencing their pain as teeth break through is difficult to handle. Alongside medical solutions like gels and powders, investing in some decent teething toys is a sure-fire way to help your little one manage their pain.

Nuby Icybite Keys Teether Toy

Unlock pain relief: Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether

Staff Pick

This is a go-to teething toy. Thanks to Nuby's PurICE tech, you can put this teether in the fridge to chill, making it even more effective. As well as giving your baby multiple teething surfaces, this key-style teether is a fun toy to help improve your baby's motor skills.

$4 at Amazon
Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teething Toy

Le best style: Vulli Sophie the Giraffe

Made in France since the early Sixties, "Sophie la Girafe" is an international bestseller and an award-winning teething toy solution. This simple rubber giraffe provides your infant with a friendly toy that is safe and satisfying to chew on.

$22 at Amazon
Green Sprouts Ring Teether

Ring of ice: Green Sprouts Cooling Teether

This simple solution is designed so that it's easy for a baby to grip. Made of PVC and BPA-free plastics, it's filled with distilled water so it can be chilled or even frozen for extra relief. The teether's textured surface helps massage gums.

$4 at Amazon
Baby Elefun Elephant Bpa Free Teething Toy

Nice numbo: Baby Elefun Elephant Baby Teething Toy

Available in turquoise and pink, this stylized elephant is a strong option. Its open design makes it easy for little hands to grip, and there are five different textures for your child to chomp on. This teether can be chilled for an extra numbing effect.

$8 at Amazon
Nashiro Baby Teething Toys

Fruity fivesome: Nashiro Baby Teething Toys Five Pack

This great value set gives you five fruit-themed, silicone teether toys, which means you can rotate them for cleaning. The design is such that your baby can easily grab onto the stem and reach all the way back to the molars.

$11 at Amazon
Fisher Price Pizza Teether

Slice slice baby: Fisher-Price Pizza Teether

This teether is a total win-win. Your baby gets gum relief, and you get to chortle at how funny they look eating a slice of pizza. This is a lightweight choice - it's just the crust that is BPA-free silicone; the pizza is made of a crinkly material.

$5 at Amazon
Lindas Essential Cacti Teether Toothbrush

Super suckulent: Linda's Essentials Cactus Baby Teething Toy

This is a two-in-one solution offering a teether toy and a teething toothbrush. It's a practical choice that is dishwasher and freezer safe. Available in green, peach, and yellow, this option also has a hole in the base so you can attach it to a pacifier clip.

$8 at Amazon
Nuby Teethe Eez Soft Silicone Teether

Go fish: Nuby Silicone Teethe-eez Teether with Bristles

This is a simple, soft silicone fish-shaped teether with multiple teething surfaces. Sized and shaped for baby's hands, this style comes in various colors. It ships complete with a hygienic carrying case to keep it clean on the go.

From $4 at Amazon
Matchstick Monkey Dancing Monkey Teether Toy

Marvellous monkey: Matchstick Monkey Dancing Monkey Teether

With a clever design that offers multiple holding options for little hands, this dancing monkey is a friendly-looking teether suitable for babies of all ages. It is available in different colors and has several different textures for your kid to chew.

$10 at Amazon

Chompian choices

All these teethers will help babies distressed by the teething process. Our overall staff pick, the Nuby IcyBite Keys Teether, is not just a chillable teether but is shaped like car keys — the one thing that all babies seem to love playing with.

If you're looking for an absolute classic, then do consider the Vulli Sophie the Giraffe. This French rubber teether toy has been helping little ones for over 50 years.

A teether that takes oral hygiene a step further is the Linda's Essentials Cactus Baby Teething Toy. As well as teething textures, this style incorporates a teething toothbrush into the fun design.

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