Best Boots for Men TechnoBuffalo 2020

From reliable and dependable to classy and elegant, men's boots come in all shapes and sizes. It's hard sometimes to figure out which is the right boot for you, so we have taken some of the leg work out of it for you. These boots are the best in each category you might need them.

Best work boot: Caterpillar Second Shift steel toe boot

Staff Pick

I have worn caterpillar boots for most of my adult life, even when I wasn't working in a construction zone. They are durable, oil-proof, and the tan color looks great on-site or off. The steel toe cap is a must for work, but the Caterpillar boots don't feel unbalanced like some other work boots.

$70+ at Amazon

Best cowboy boot: Heritage Roper Western Boot

Western attire is still very much in fashion, but these boots are more than just accessories. These are made to work as hard on a ranch as you do. The weathered look not only looks great but keeps your boot looking great for longer, even in rough conditions.

$105+ at Amazon

Best hiking boot: Skechers Men's Relment Waterproof Boot

As Nancy Sinatra once said, "these boots are made from walking." Skechers have been making rugged, dependable for years, and these are the pair of boots I chose for hiking. In particular, the heel is extremely comfortable, keeping me blister-free for miles of walking.

$60+ at Amazon

Best for stomping: Dr. Martens Jadon platform boot

Punk isn't dead, and Dr. Martens are the boot of the punk movement. My dad still has a pair from the 1970s, and I have mine from the '90s. They last forever and only look better with age. A good pair of "Docs" is an investment.

$175+ at Amazon

Best dressed for success: Bruno Marc Men's dress ankle boot

A modern trend has arisen when it comes to wearing suits. Smart casual is all the rage, and with that comes trendy boots to wear with a suit! I love this trend as it means I can wear boots like Bruno Marc's. They are just the right touch of Oxford class and casual motorcycle roughness.

$P24+ at Amazon

Best for the mud: Muck Boot Arctic Sport boot

When winter hits, you'll be glad you went with the Much Boot muck boots. They are neoprene, so waterproof, but they mold to your foot so you can wear them in the mud for hours with no pinching at the toe or blistering at the heel. If you have to stand out in the dirt in all weathers, this is the boot for you.

$98+ at Amazon

Get suited and booted

Boots are the best footwear. This is an opinion, of course, but a good one. If I had to pick one pair of boots to wear, it would be the Second Shift steel toe boot from Caterpillar. They are incredibly comfortable, allowing you to spend hours on your feet with no discomfort. They are also oil-proof, meaning you can wear them when you are working hard, and they will still look good went you aren't. With the steel toe caps, they are also safe, and that's a big thing when you are on a worksite. I like my toes, and the "Cat boots" help me keep them.

Now, if you want something a little more fashionable or plain awesome, you should get yourself a pair of Dr. Martens Jadons. I have a pair of ox-blood colored ones, and they look good in just about any outfit. You can be a punk, a metal-head, or just love a good stomping boot, and Dr. Martens will look perfect on your feet.

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