Best Bocce Ball Sets TechnoBuffalo 2021

Bocce ball is a game that can be enjoyed by adults and children of most ages and levels of physical ability. All you need is a small area of grass, sand, or even a court, and you're ready to play. Sets come in a variety of different materials and colors, making some of them better suited for different playing surfaces than others. Check out our collection of the best bocce ball sets and add a new layer of fun to your next family cookout or beach day.

GoSports Bocce Ball Set

Best carrying case: GoSports Regulation Bocce Set

Staff Pick

If your bocce set is going to do a lot of traveling, then this option is for you. The carrying case has a spot for each ball and a shared spot for the pallino and measuring tool. Plus, the shoulder strap makes it easy to tote along with other beach or park gear. The eight balls are 100 millimeters and weigh 2 pounds, 5 ounces each, and the white pallino is 45 millimeters. So, they meet regulation standards.

$53 at Amazon
playaboule V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set

Evening glow: Playaboule V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set

Each 107-millimeter ball in this set lights up and can swap between solid and flashing modes with the touch of a button. That means no more ending your bocce games when the sun goes down since these are easy to spot on grass or sand. The entire set is safe for all weather conditions, and Playaboule even includes batteries so you can start playing right away (or send it as a complete gift).

$80 at Amazon
Ropoda Bocce Ball Set

Smaller size: ROPODA Bocce Ball Set

Two etching patterns and four colors on these water and crack-resistant bocce balls allow four teams to play. Each ball is 90 millimeters, which is easier for smaller hands to hold than the traditional sizes of 100-107 millimeters. The pallino is white and 40 millimeters, so it won't be difficult to spot on grass or sand. There's even a measuring rope included for judging those extra-close calls.

$40 at Amazon
Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set

Any surface: Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set

Most bocce ball sets cannot be used on hard surfaces without risk of damage. This set from Play Platoon is soft, weighted with sand inside, and can be used to play on concrete or asphalt. Each ball is 84 millimeters and weighs 0.60 pounds, and the white pallino is 40 millimeters.

$29 at Amazon
Triumph Competition Bocce Ball Set

Regulation size on a budget: Triumph Competition Bocce Ball Set

The Triumph bocce set has four red and four black 100-millimeter balls. There are two etching patterns, which make it possible to play with four teams. Each ball is made of solid plastic resin and weighs about 2 pounds. A 50-millimeter pallino (target) ball is included, and all set pieces will fit in the included zippered carrying bag.

$44 at Amazon

The perfect toss

When considering your next bocce ball set, you'll need to think about what types of environments you'll be playing in, and whether you'll need the set to travel well. For most people wanting to enjoy this lawn game, we think the GoSports Regulation Bocce Set is the best option in this list. The included carrying case is the best of the bunch because it separates each ball, preventing them from being damaged during transit. And while this set only consists of two colors (red and green), it also has different etchings so you can add more players.

For those who will continue playing into the night, and are willing to spend a bit more, the Playaboule V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set is your best option. Each ball is incredibly vibrant and will be a great addition to any backyard party. You can't use the balls in the pool, but rainy days are no problem.

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