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Sun shining through the window can be lovely, but sometimes you need a way to reign in the rays. That's where blackout curtains come in. Blackout curtains are a simple decor solution that prevents light from seeping through (and the heat too). These useful curtains also pull double duty. When they're not shading your home to keep it cool, they act as a barricade to prevent warmth from escaping. We've collected our favorite window treatments to benefit your home.

Nicetown Thermal Blackout Curtains Render

Delightfully dark: NICETOWN thermal blackout curtains

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Dress your windows with the light-banishing power of these darkening grommeted curtains. This simple two-panel set is shaped in a beautiful polyester fabric that blocks light by 85-99%. Not only do they offer shade to cool your house, but their thermal insulation prevents heat from escaping during colder months. Aside from their temperature-related purpose, this pair also minimizes outdoor noise. Who knew drawing the curtains could offer your home so many benefits? With several sizes and color options available, they're an easy choice.

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Deconovo Blackout Curtain Panel

Turn down the sun: Deconovo thermal-insulated blackout curtain panel

You'll hang up style and function with these drapey curtains by Deconovo. First and foremost, these curtains will shade your interior, intercepting the sun's powerful rays. Along with light modification, these curtains are insulated to keep your home cool or warm depending on the season. Who doesn't love energy efficiency? These curtains are available by the panel in several size and color options to accommodate your space.

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Nicetown Blackout Curtains Render

Elegant eclipse: NICETOWN blackout curtains

Give your windows the blackout treatment with this efficient curtain set. The sun-thwarting duo blocks light to a staggering 85-99%, and they look great too. Their sophisticated grommet design detail your decor with sophistication, crafted from soft, thick fabric. This pair is thermally insulated to maintain the perfect temperature in your home and assist with energy efficiency. And, these curtains are also soundproof!

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AmazonBasics Blackout Curtains Render

Perfect pair: AmazonBasics blackout curtains

Control the natural lighting in your home with the help of these blackout curtains. This beautiful two-panel set will frame your window, offering style with all of the fun perks. Crafted from polyester, these grommet-style curtains hug your window to provide a little shade, even blocking damaging UV rays. The curtains also act as an energy-efficient barrier, insulating your home. When you do want to let the light pour in, this set includes convenient Velcro ties. Choose from a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes to attain that must-have look.

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Utopia Bedding Blackout Curtains Render

Sweeping suncatchers: Utopia Bedding blackout curtains

Deck out your windows with this pair of sun-stopping blackout curtains. These essential window dressings shield your living spaces when solar saturation becomes overbearing. They block light by 90%, increase energy efficiency, and restrict 60% of outside noise. This set also includes two ties to secure curtains when it's time to let the light in. Outfitting your windows is easy with these curtains because there are several colors and size options available.

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Deconovo Printed Blackout Curtains Render

Pretty and patterned: Deconovo blackout thermal-insulated curtains

Dotted metallic waves cascade down this stylish pair of blackout curtains. Though beautiful, these curtains are crafted to perform, diverting the sun to keep rooms temperate all year round. They become a heat barrier, keeping heat inside in the cooler months and out in the warmer months. The curtains also do a great job of reducing exterior noise. To add these beautiful curtains to your decor, choose from a variety of color and size options.

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Curtain call

Sometimes the blazing sun can be a little much, especially if you have a lot of windows. But adding blackout curtains can really make a difference. Blackout curtains are beautiful window dressings with purpose, to shade and insulate your home. Our first choice is the NICETOWN thermal blackout curtains because they are beautiful window treatments that become an effective barrier, diverting light and providing insulation. These curtains also manage noise to minimize disturbance.

If you're looking for blackout curtains with a little flair, the Deconovo blackout thermal-insulated curtains has a shimmering metallic dotted wave pattern. The wonderful weaving waves add a touch of drama to these blackout curtains. With these window dressings, you can have both style and function because they effectively block the sun, promote energy efficiency, and subdue noise. With several sizes and color options available, they are a no-brainer.

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