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In the pantheon of Marvel heroes, one of the most underrated is Black Widow. Sure, she doesn't have fancy suits or superpowers, but she can still go toe-to-toe with some of the most menacing figures in the universe. There's a reason Marvel is finally giving her her own standalone movie. With her being kind of a big deal, these are the best Black Widow action figures available right now.

The best of the best: Marvel Ultimate Series Black Widow Action Figure

Staff Favorite

The Ultimate Series Black Widow collectible is the best Black Widow action figure you can buy. Inspired by the original version of the character, it carries a similar suit with the Widow Gauntlets on her wrists, but her overall look is somewhat different. It also has interchangeable fists and over 30 points of articulation.

$26 at Amazon

Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame: Titan Hero Black Widow Action Figure

With Avengers: Endgame upon us, it's no surprise to see a Black Widow action figure based on her look in the movie. In the Titan Hero action figure set, she is wearing her signature red hairdo with the same suit her other co-workers will wear as they travel to take down Thanos.

$10 at Amazon

Retro Black Widow: Marvel Retro Collection Black Widow

Let's go back in time with this Marvel Retro Collection action figure of Black Widow. This is one of her first iterations with a slick black suit and weapons. She's wearing her long red locks and is ready to take down some bad guys. It's a classic look.

$12 at Amazon

Titan Hero Black Widow: Avengers Titan Hero Black Widow

This Titan Hero Black Widow action figure is a very striking look for the Marvel character. It's different from both the original comics version and the MCU movie version, but we don't mind. It's still Black Widow with the red hair and an all-black jumpsuit, but this time with red accents. The action figure stands at 12 inches tall and has five points of articulation.

$16 at Amazon

Black Widow wields batons: Toybox Marvel Black Widow Action Figure

If you've read Marvel comic books or seen MCU movies, you are very familiar with Black Widow. The Toybox action figure turns our expectations of the character on its head and delivers a new cartoony version of the character that looks awesome. It's still the same look, but she looks happier kicking some butt. The action figure offers 14 points of articulation and two batons that turn into a staff.

$13 at Amazon

Black Widow gets a motorcycle: Marvel Legend Series Black Widow with Motorcycle

Sometimes you just need to get on your motorcycle and clear your head. This Marvel Legend Series Black Widow action figure showcases just that. The action figure itself is quite articulate, letting her easily hop on the motorcycle whenever the need arises.

$25 at Amazon

Lifelike Black Widow: Tamashii Nation Black Widow Action Figure

Tamashii Nation makes some of the best Marvel action figures and its Black Widow does not disappoint. Based on her portrayal in Avengers: Infinity War, Black Widow has a blonde hair and an all-black jumpsuit with the batons she used to fight Thanos' cronies. The attention to detail is amazing with Scarlett Johansson's likeness being faithfully captured.

$71 at Amazon

Black Widow in the 90s: Marvel Select Black Widow Action Figure

This Black Widow action figure is based on the 1990s comic book design of the character. She looks very familiar but there are some changes to her look, starting with the suit. The 7-inch action figure comes with a display base that features a destroyed Ultron body and Ant-Man.

$20 at Amazon

Black Widow takes aim: Diamond Select Toy Black Widow Vinyl Figure

Black Widow wears many different looks in the MCU, but the one she is wearing in this Diamond Select action figure might be one of our favorites. Striking a pose as if she's about to pounce on a bad guy, Black Widow looks both graceful and menacing. She has her classic characteristics with the red hair, jumpsuit, and Widow Gauntlets.

$29 at Amazon

From KGB spy to world-saving Avenger

From her roots as a KGB spy to her turn as a world-saving Avenger, Black Widow has had a very striking character arc. She is one of the most impressive characters in Marvel history since her lack of powers doesn't get in her way. She was like that in the comics, and now in the MCU. These action figures capture some of what she has accomplished.

Our favorite is the Marvel Ultimate Series Black Widow Action Figure given it's just an amazing action figure. From her look down to her movement with over 30 points of articulation, Black Widow can seriously move and make some antagonist really regret taking her on.

Another one worth considering is the Marvel Legend Series Black Widow with Motorcycle action figure. Not only do you get an impressive Black Widow action figure, but you also get a sweet motorcycle for her to cruise around in.

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