Best Birkenstock Sandals for Men TechnoBuffalo 2021

There's nothing like a good pair of Birkenstocks to give off an impression of effortless cool. With so many styles to choose from, you can swap out different Birkenstocks year-round. While Birkenstock makes hundreds of feminine color options for women, there are plenty of choices for men as well, especially if you're willing to experiment with new shades and styles. Check out some ideas below and try out something new!

Birkenstock Milano

Backstrap in blue: Birkenstock Milano

Staff Pick

We're digging this backstrap version of the classic Birkenstock sandal because it suits an active lifestyle while maintaining the cool double-strap leather look we know and love. Whether you're lounging around the house, speeding between classes, or heading to work, this sandal is comfortable and reliable.

From $46 at Amazon
Birkenstock Boston

Warm woollen clog: Birkenstock Boston

Is your weather packing some chill? You'll have no worries with this wool clog! Wear it with or without socks to keep toes warm and toasty, even on chilly days.

From $130 at Amazon
Birkenstock Zurich

Camo factor: Birkenstock Zurich

What do you get when you combine leather, camo, and timeless style? The Birkenstock Zurich! This stylish color combo makes for a refreshing change from the usual brown leather Birks.

$125 at Amazon
Birkenstock Gizeh

Best for beach: Birkenstock Gizeh EVA

There are so many reasons to love Birkenstock's EVA line of footwear. The soft, flexible material is durable and waterproof, but it maintains the look and feel of Birkenstock's classic styles. Not to mention, it's much more affordable than leather. It's your foot's perfect companion for the beach!

From $24 at Amazon
Birkenstock London

Full foot coverage: Birkenstock London

When you're going for a more professional look or sealing in more warmth for winter, the Birkenstock London offers full-foot coverage and a sophisticated air. All leather, full coverage, but still oh-so-comfortable.

From $118 at Amazon
Birkenstock Arizona

Classic look: Birkenstock Arizona

For us, Birkenstock's Arizona sandals represent the essence of classic Birk style. Honestly, is there anyone who hasn't owned a pair of these? This is your go-to for comfortable, stylish sandals that match with almost anything.

From $90 at Amazon
Birkenstock Madrid

Comfy cool: Birkenstock Madrid

The original Birkenstock, Madrid sandals have been around since the early 1960s! These are the perfect combination of comfortable cool, and they'll work for any casual situation, whether you're at home or out-and-about.

From $29 at Amazon
Birki Clog

Pop of color: Birki Foam Clogs

Here's your multi-use clog that will weather almost any plan, from yard work to a day at the lake. The soft foam material is durable and comfortable to wear. Even better, they come in a range of eye-popping colors.

$83 at Amazon
Birkenstock Shearling

Fuzzy shearling sandal: Birkenstock Arizona Shearling

Here's your solution for those in-between days when the weather can't decide if it's spring, summer, or autumn. Stay casual and comfortable in your Arizona sandals, but don't worry if there's a little bite in the air. Soft, shearling lamb's wool will keep your feet cozy in any weather.

$125 at Amazon

To wrap it up

There's no season or excuse not to buy a good pair (or five) of Birkenstocks! No matter what your outfit calls for or what temperature is showing on the thermometer, there's a pair of Birks for every occasion. Our favorite style is the Birkenstock Milano in blue for its versatile backstrap and subtle color.

When more coverage is necessary, try the Birkenstock London for a classy, professional look. Then there are Birkenstock's full EVA styles that are both super durable and waterproof, like this EVA Gizeh thong. Try them out today, and you may become a Birk-addict like us!

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