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Completing coursework can be a challenge, but it can even be more challenging without the right support. Brainpower is better spent preparing for AP Chemistry or cramming for a nursing final, not sorting through a stack of notebooks and loose-leaf papers. So, it's important for accessibility (and for sanity's sake) that organization is on the list of scholastic priorities. A binder is the easiest way to keep classes, papers, and projects in their rightful place. It's a one-stop, stuff-sorting education essential. Some binders even have pockets to house other necessities like highlighters, a protractor, calculator, pens, and more. Choose from our favorite multifunctional options.

Case It Mighty Zip Tab 3 Inch Zipper Binder Render

Rough and tumble: Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-inch zipper binder

Staff Pick

Stuffing every bit of schoolwork in one single binder is possible with the heft and supreme organizational powers of this totable binder. Expanding to accommodate paper, folders, notebooks, divider sheets, and a bevy of must-have school supplies, this schoolwork-carrying behemoth is constructed in sturdy ripstop material because, well, it must be. How else could it handle that massive workload? At its core, this secure zip-around design features a wide 3-inch O-ring metal clip surrounded by an expanding five-tab accordion file and supply-ready mesh pockets. But that's not all. To ensure the binder is easy to carry, it has an attached handle and shoulder strap, so class-to-class transport is a breeze. Choose from several color options.

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Amazonbasics 4 Pack 3 Ring Binder Set Render

Collect-everything collection: AmazonBasics 4-pack 3-ring binder set

For those who like to organize by class or a specific project, a binder collection might just be the answer. This four-binder set is great for cataloging courses and more, with customizable exterior sleeves for easy identification. Each three-ring binder is sturdy and ready to carry and protect tons of important pages. To satisfy a range of paper quantities, there the 1 and 2-inch size options that will accommodate a little or a lot of paperwork. Lock in your loose-leafs with this work-managing set.

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Avery Durable View Binder Render

Bound to help: Avery durable view binder

From lengthy research papers to copious chem notes, the most crucial collection of class-related papers can be at-hand with a quality binder from Avery. This classic catch-all will keep pages organized. Whether it's wedged under a heavy textbook or sitting on a bookshelf, this sturdy binder is ready to be handled. It features a slanted metal three-ring clip to ensure pages lay flat and remain intact. Notable features also include customizable front sleeves and two interior pockets for supplementary additions. Several size options are available to meet the required capacity needs. And, if one isn't enough, there are a variety of package options available.

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Samsill Earths Choice Bio Based 3 Ring Binder Set Render

All the colors: Samsill Earth's Choice bio-based 3-ring binder set

For those aiming to color code or add a little vibrance to their educational exploits, this binder collection is built to satisfy. Pigmented with four hues (purple, pink, green, and turquoise) and crafted with plant-based materials, these binders are both a bold and eco-friendly selection. With clear plastic sleeves on the covers and spine, these binders can be tailored to any class or project. Each binder has a sturdy three-ring metal clip that contains from 200 (1-inch binder) to 425 (2-inch binder) sheets. No matter the size option you choose, this binder set will make classwork a little more organized. Choose from the available sizes and package options.

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Bloom Daily 1 Inch 3 Ring Binder Render

Punchy prints: bloom daily 1-inch 3-ring binder

School supplies can be stylish simply by sporting a splashy print. Who said binders had to look basic anyway? The 1-inch binders by bloom daily are anything but. Whether it's a stone slab or tropical foliage, there are plenty of print options to make the school accessory less drab and more fab. No matter the print, the 1-inch binder is realized in a heavy laminate and fitted with a sturdy three-ring clip. So, each 8.5-by-11-inch page is managed and protected to be revisited again and again. Choose from the available array of chic options.

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Docit 4 Pocket 3 Ring Binder Render

Flexible hold: DocIt 4-pocket 3-ring binder

Ideal for note compilation and assignment storage, this binder will keep class-related whatnots ready to go. Unlike other binders, this binder is fashioned from flexible plastic, so it's easy to accommodate a range of documents. The 1-inch binder will contain a generous 200 sheets on its heavy-duty three-ring clip. Aside from the clip, the binder features a cascading file folder system to scoop up any worksheets, study guides, or syllabi for corresponding classes (supporting up to 100 sheets). Additional features include a pen holder and a dual elasticized closure. Several color, style, and package options are available.

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In a bind

School supplies exist to make learning easier, and a binder is one of those stellar educational accessories. These foldable paper-ready shells contain everything from math homework to analytical notes on the Canterbury Tales. Many binder options even offer supplementary storage, like extra pockets and expanding files. One such binder is the Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-inch zipper binder. Constructed of heavy ripstop material, it's carry-everything 3-inch design is built to hold papers from every class on its sturdy three-ring clasp. This binder also features a five-tab accordion-style file style system for other important pages. Since this binder is built to carry everything, it might get a bit heavy. For simple transport, the binder has an attached handle and shoulder strap.

For a binder that's great to personalize for a project or paper, the classic Avery durable view binder is a great selection. With clear plastic sleeves for a custom look and a tough three-ring clasp, necessary coursework can be labeled and stored. It even has two additional interior pockets for supplementary notes. With several size options available, this binder will manage the workload of any course.

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