Best bike speedometers TechnoBuffalo 2021

If you're trying to find a new personal best, or training or a race, then a bike speedometer can let you track a variety of stats. Depending on the model, speedometers can read off your pace; distance traveled, time spent riding, and more. There are a variety of types of speedometers, from LCD screens to simple mechanical options.

Cat Eye Urban Wireless Bike Computer

Wireless monitoring: Cat eye urban wireless bike computer

Staff Pick

The Cat Eye urban wireless bike computer is an excellent option if you want a speedometer that gives you tons of details about your ride. It features an easy to read LCD screen and records analytics of several different kinds. You can track your time, distance, pace, calorie consumption, and even a clock. It includes a flex clip to attach it to your bike, and automatically stops tracking when you stop moving.

$45 at Amazon
LVOERTUIG Mechanical Speedometer

Budget option: LVOERTUIG mechanical speedometer

If you prefer a pared-down simple option for checking your speed while bicycling, the LVOERTUIG mechanical speedometer will do the trick. It has a relatively easy installation process to attach it to your handlebars so that it's easy to read while you're on the go. It features a speedometer and odometer that are both simple and easy to check. This speedometer is also waterproof, has an anti-shock function, and can be reset once you finish your ride.

$14 at Amazon
IGPSPORT iGS10 Wireless Bicycle Computer

GPS enabled: iGPSPORT iGS10 wireless bicycle computer

Finding a balance between staying in-budget and having access to as many features as possible isn't always easy. The iGPSPORT iGS10 wireless bicycle computer delivers a bright easy to read screen with all the details of your ride. It uses satellite data to work as a GPS, tracking distance, pace, and location. This option can connect to Strava, and features ANT+ sensor compatibility.

$69 at Amazon
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer

Premium option: Wahoo ELEMNT bolt GPS bike computer

If you want all the bells and whistles for your upcoming ride, then the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer is the one to pick. It's compatible with a variety of 3rd party apps like Strava and can download routes right onto the computer. The LED screen displays time, distance, pace, and even has a lap function for folks on a specific route. The Wahoo speedometer is also fully waterproof, making it an excellent option if you're serious about tracking your stats.

$230 at Amazon

Bottom line

Bike speedometers offer up an easy way for you to track your stats while riding. From pace and time spent riding, to distance and connecting to third-party apps like Strava, there is a huge variety of different options to choose from. Our favorite is the Cat Eye Urban Wireless Bike Computer. It features an LCD screen and tracks time, distance, pace, and calorie counting, all while being easy to attach and detach from your handlebars.

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