Best bike saddles TechnoBuffalo 2021

Bicycles are a great way to get around and stay fit while you do it, but if your saddle is uncomfortable, you're gonna have a bad time. Whether you want something comfortable to sit on while cruising around town or a seat more suited to performances for race day, there are some excellent options out there.

Bikeroo comfort bike seat

Oversized comfort: Bikeroo comfort bike seat

Staff Pick

If you plan on taking long bike rides, having a comfortable seat for the duration is crucial. The Bikeroo comfort bike seat is wider than many stock seats and padded, making it an excellent option. This saddle is compatible with a variety of regular bikes, as well as some exercise bikes. You can snag the regular option, or pick up the same seat with memory foam for even more comfort!

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Sunlite MX juvenile saddle

Just for kids: Sunlite MX juvenile saddle

Kids spend tons of time on their bicycles, especially during the warmer months when they aren't in school. Eventually, their bike saddle will give out, and finding the right-size seat is crucial if they want to be comfortable while riding. The Sunlite MX juvenile saddle is built for use by kids and comes in three different color options. It's a padded saddle and fits most juvenile seat posts.

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Serfas RX-RR saddle

Race ready: Serfas RX-RR saddle

If you're training for a bike race, having the best equipment can make a big difference. The Serfas RX-RR saddle is built for performance, especially races. It's super light so that you don't have any extra weight in your seat, and features the ICS comfort system. The build helps to protect against numbness for longer rides and has a great feel with a microfiber cover.

$80 at Amazon
SGODDE Ergonomic bike seat

Weatherproof: SGODDE ergonomic bike seat

There's no guarantee that if you start a ride in the sunshine that it won't turn to rain in just a few short minutes. The SGODDE ergonomic bike seat delivers a waterproof saddle that is still comfortable to ride on. It features a dual-spring, hollow design narrow enough that your thighs will never rub against it while riding. It also has shocks to help protect you from rocky rides, and has a reflective strip for night riders and promises easy installation!

$32 at Amazon

Bottom line

The seat of your bicycle can make or break your ride. If you aren't comfortable, then your ride isn't going to be as enjoyable. Whether you need something for comfort, or you're looking to streamline your ride for competitive races, there are tons of great options to choose from. Our favorite seat is the Bikeroo comfort bike seat. It's wider than many other options, padded for long-lasting comfort, and fits both regular and exercise bikes.

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