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Riding a bicycle can deliver a sense of freedom and getting away from it all. That doesn't mean you have to leave your phone at home, though. With a bike phone mount, you can ensure that you can receive messages, or call for help if you get injured. No matter why you want your phone with you, there are plenty of bike phone mounts that will keep it safe and secure as you ride!

Visnfa bike phone mount

No shake stability: Visnfa bike phone mount

Not all bike rides are on easy slopes and paved ground. If you're doing trail rides, then your bike is going to shake, and the last thing you want is for your phone mount to come undone and send your phone flying into a tree. The Visnfa bike phone mount is super sturdy and built to ensure that your phone isn't shaking all over the place. It features a clamp design that holds your device at all four corners, a locking function, and fits phones from 3.5 to 6.5 inches. This model also features easy installation right on your handlebars!

$18 at Amazon
CAW.CAR bike mount

Extra clips: CAW.CAR bike mount

If you want a super-secure mount for your phone, then finding a mount that gives you peace of mind is crucial. The CAW.CAR bike mount features both a clamp and elastic at each corner, so it stays put even when you're rocketing down hills. It attaches to your handlebars and doesn't require any tools to install. This mount is universal and has 360 degrees of rotation, so your phone sits precisely where you want it to.

$17 at Amazon
Quad Lock bike mount

Lock it in place: Quad lock bike mount

If you want a bike mount that delivers a no-fuss lock to keep your phone in place, the Quad Lock bike mount is the one to check out. It screws and locks onto your handlebars, with a locking mechanism that your phone fits onto. The angle your phone sits at is dictated by how the mount is locked onto your handlebars, but it works best flat against them since it's the most stable position. The twist and lock mechanism that this mount uses is also super handy because it's easy to lock and unlock your phone even while you're riding.

$40 at Amazon
Wild Man Bike Mount Bag

Waterproof: Wild man bike mount bag

There's no guarantee when it comes to weather on a bike ride, and if you want to bring your phone, protecting it from water damage may be a concern of yours. The Wild Man Bike Mount Bag offers an excellent solution with a bag that your phone will fit inside, while still letting you see your screen. The TPU touch screen top means you can interact with your device, without having it open to rain, dirt, or other detritus. The bag sits below your handlebars and is made of sturdy material, so if you wipe out, your phone stays safe!

$30 at Amazon

Bottom line

Going for a bike ride doesn't have to mean disconnecting from everything. Finding an excellent bike phone mount that will protect your phone and bring it on rides doesn't have to be complicated.

If you live in an area prone to thunderstorms or planning on riding through areas where dirt or debris could scratch your screen, then we suggest the Wild Man Bike Mount Bag. It encases your phone in a super sturdy waterproof bag while still letting you use it thanks to the TPU touch screen at the top.

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