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Safety first! Riding in the dark requires a bike light. That's both law and common sense. Bike lights illuminate your path while helping drivers see where you are on the road. After much trial and error, these are the lights I stand by.


Best for urban travels: Cycle Torch Shark 500

Staff Favorite

Get a better riding experience at night with the Cycle Torch Shark 500. Cree LEDs power this 500-lumen headlamp, and it recharges easily with an included USB or power cable. The mount is compatible with any bike type or size, and it all installs without tools in seconds. The flat beam shape of the headlight and bright tail light make this the best choice for city riders. Your lights won't blind oncoming drivers and pedestrians, but you'll still be able to see up to 300 feet ahead.

$40 at Amazon

Long battery life: Vont Dual Bike Light Set

The bike light set from Vont comes with a front and back light, two USB cables, and four straps to attach the lamps to your ride. The batteries are rechargeable and last up to 10 hours. Even better, this dual light set is made from military-grade materials and can withstand adverse weather and rocky terrain. The lights have four settings so you can adjust the beam strength to your needs. And they're super affordable.

$13 at Amazon

On-the-fly adjustments: Team Obsidian LED Bike Light Set

Team Obsidian's bike light set includes a 200-lumen headlight and a red reflective tail lamp. Both install in seconds and fit any style handlebar. AAA batteries power the Cree LEDs in the headlamp. It illuminates city streets and wilderness trails with enough of a glow to get you where you're going. The bike light can be adjusted to cast a focused beam or a wide spotlight.

$16 at Amazon

Two of everything: HeroBeam Bike Lights Double Set

Your visibility at night improves with HeroBeam's double set of lights. This super pack comes with two brilliant front lights, two tail lights, wheel lights, and even the batteries. Cree Q5 LEDs fill the front headlamps, and they're adjustable from 80-200 lumens. All materials are machined from solid aluminum to be strong, lightweight, and waterproof.

$19 at Amazon

Indestructible: Vont Bike Light

You don't need any tools to install these Vont bike lights. The headlight attaches to your handlebars in seconds, and the taillights clip on to the back of your seat. These lights are built to survive drops from 10 feet, and they have no trouble chugging on through bad weather and rough terrain. This set is waterproof, reliable, and has an adjustable beam.

$15 at Amazon

Day and night visible: NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost

Any headlamp can be turned on during the day, but most don't actually help drivers see you during those hours. The NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost was designed for daylight and nighttime safety. The 1,100 lumens are bright enough to light up the night sky and make you visible to drivers and pedestrians on urban daytime rides. This light is USB rechargeable and works with an AC wall adapter.

$73 at Amazon

If you want our recommendation

If you bike when the sun goes down, the Cycle Torch Shark 500 is my top pick. The flat beam and bright LEDs give you enough light to see 300 feet ahead without blinding those around you. This is an excellent set of bike lights for urban peddlers and MTB.

When your budget is small, but your needs are big, I recommend the Vont Bike Light Set. The battery life is phenomenal, the lights bright, and the cost just right.

Daytime and nighttime riders will love the NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost. This lamp pumps out 1,100 lumens, is USB-rechargeable, and it makes you visible any time of day or night.

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