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If you're packing a lunch for work or school or doing meal prep, then consider bento boxes as an option. Bento boxes help with portion control because there is limited space for each ingredient of your meal. They also keep flavors from mixing together before you're ready for them to do so. Some styles follow the traditional format and stack on top of each other, while others have trays in one main compartment that you can adjust. We've gathered the best bento boxes for your next meal.

Bentgo Classic All In One Bento Box

Lots of colors: Bentgo Classic All-in-One Bento Box

Staff Pick

Stack up your meal with this option from Bentgo. You'll get one tray that has a permanent divider and the other without, utensils, two lids, and a band to hold the stack together. The permanent divider makes sure that juicy foods don't leak into the food next to them. There are also eight color options available.

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Ozazuco Bento Box

Going green: Ozazuco Bento Box

This adorable stacking option is made from food-grade plastic that is produced with wheat fiber. There are three trays, one of which can hold soup without leaking, another for large items like sandwiches or rice, and the last with a moving partition to keep items separated. Choose from sets of two in three colors or one bento box with a carry bag.

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Bentgo Kids Bento Box

No small parts: Bentgo Kids Bento Box

It can be difficult for kids to keep all the small pieces of a lunchbox together. This option solves that problem since the only moving part is the lid. Each compartment is sealed when the lid is closed, keeping food items separated until it's time to eat.

$25 at Amazon
Sistema To Go Collection Bento Box

Clear view: Sistema To Go Collection Bento Box

Keep an eye on all your ingredients with this clear option from Sistema. There are two modular trays inside so you can adjust to your specific ingredients. The dressing or dip cup will keep foods from getting soggy during transport, and the box has a snap closure to keep everything together.

$14 at Amazon
Monbento Original Bento Box

Soft touch: Monbento Original Bento Box

Monbento offers a variety of colors and patterns for their bento boxes. Each set comes with two compartments, each with silicone airlocks so your soups and sauces won't spill, as well as a band to hold the boxes together. The outside is coated with soft-touch plastic, and the set is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

From $40 at Amazon

Keep 'em separated

There are a lot of options when it comes to bento boxes, but our favorite is the Bentgo Classic All-in-One Bento Box. Bentgo offers a wider color selection for this model than most of our other options, so you can find one that suits your personality. We also think the permanent divider in one tray is ideal for keeping foods with sauces, or even fruit, completely separate from each other. The compact design and band holding everything together makes it easy to store in the fridge and carry in a bag.

If you're buying for a little one, then the Bentgo Kids Bento Box is the one we'd recommend. There are no lids to keep track of, and no moving parts that have to be placed back together in a specific order. Its slim profile will fit on crowded fridge shelves, and also in your child's book bag. Plus, it comes in three fun colors: blue, green, and purple.

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