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Your bed is that comfy place where you reset and recharge. The last thing you want is to share that place with a bunch of creepy, crawly, hungry bed bugs. These little parasites will take up residence in your mattress and won't leave you alone. These unwelcome guests bite, literally. You can take some preventative measures to ensure your bed remains a sanctuary, by zipping your mattress into a protective cover. This easy solution acts as a barrier, keeping bed bugs, and even dust mites away. Defend your cozy bed from little invaders with our selection of bed bug mattress covers.

Utopia Bedding Bed Bug And Waterproof Mattress Encasement Render

Soft and secure: Utopia bedding bed bug and waterproof mattress encasement

Staff Pick

Shield your bed from bugs with this barely-there mattress cover by Utopia Bedding. It's crafted from soft and stretchy polyester fabric, designed to hug your entire mattress. The defining feature is a specialized micro zipper, which provides a gap-free closure to restrict bed bugs and dust mites from entry. This effective cover also has a noiseless TPU backing to keep your mattress dry, providing optimal wetness defense. It cleans easily, too; just pop it in the washing machine for a refresh. Several size options are available to fit your bed perfectly.

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Linenspa Mattress Encasement Render

Slip-on safety: Linenspa mattress encasement

Zip your entire mattress in the soft protection of this encasement. This lightweight covering defends your bed against bed bugs, dust mites, and even pesky allergens, so your sleep is restful and sound. Aside from mattress-loving bugs, this barrier repels wetness while maintaining breathability and comfort. This easy, fitted cover slips-on to safeguard your bed, and simply removes for necessary cleaning. Security doesn't get any simpler than this mattress cover. A variety of size options are available to fit the dimensions of your mattress.

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Hospitology Products Sleep Defense System Mattress Encasement Render

Simple defense: HOSPITOLOGY products sleep defense system mattress encasement

Top your mattress with the security of this contouring encasement crafted from comfortable, breathable polyester. This full-mattress protector offers a layer of zip-able security that defends against bed bugs, mold spores, dust mites, and more. It doesn't admit intrusive bug and allergens, so beds are a blissful place, ideal for peaceful slumber. This efficient layer also safeguards against wetness to keep mattresses dry and intact. If the encasement needs to be laundered, it easily cleans in the washing machine. Choose from the available size options to shield your mattress.

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Saferest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement Render

Bugs no more: SafeRest premium zippered mattress encasement

You'll rest well knowing that your bed is cared for with this soft mattress-topping encasement. It's constructed of soft, cotton terry with a hypoallergenic barrier to block bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, and germs. The secure micro zipper closure features a Velcro flap to reinforce the bug-free seal. This essential cover is also resistant to moisture and wetness, effectively maintaining mattress integrity. This easy design is machine washable and available in many size options.

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Sureguard Mattress Encasement Render

Easy shield: SureGuard mattress encasement

Ward off bed bugs and more with the help of this specialized mattress encasement. This soft layer envelops entire mattresses to keep unwanted pests like bedbugs out. The specialized Invisi-Zip and SureSeal technology ensure there is a secure bug-repellant seal. The effective covering also resists dust mites, allergens, bacteria, moisture, and more. This machine-washable mattress essential is not without luxury; it's even detailed with a soft cotton terry top for a soft, touchable feel. Choose from the available size options to get to achieve the right fit.

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Crystaltowels Ultimate Bed Bug Blocker Zippered Mattress Protector Render

Complete protection: CrystalTowels ultimate bed bug blocker zippered mattress protector

Cover your mattress with the comfortable protection of this soft encasement. It's constructed of comfortable polyester and safeguarded with polyurethane. This fitted design slips onto your mattress, securing with a zipper to form an effective barrier. This layer shields mattresses from bedbugs, dust mites, wetness, and more. It's is available in several size options to meet your mattress needs.

From $18 at Amazon

Don't let it bug you

Getting a restful night's sleep is easy when bed bugs aren't a worry. Stress relief is as simple as a mattress cover. These bed-enclosing encasements are specially designed to thwart bed bugs. They're comprised of impenetrable fabrics and zippers. These layers also offer a variety of additional benefits like protection from dust mites, allergens, and even wetness. Our staff pick is the Utopia Bedding bed bug and waterproof mattress encasement because it defends against bedbugs and more, covering mattresses with a soft repellant barrier. The cover seals with a special micro zipper to prevent bed bugs and dust mites from entering. It also resists moisture and is machine washable.

Another great option is the Linenspa mattress encasement because its soft, lightweight, easy design fits over mattresses to provide a reliable shield that is barely there. It defends against bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, and wetness.

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