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Beach towels are there to help you dry, avoid extra sun exposure, or keep you warm if the wind picks up. They're also useful for laying on the sand while catching some rays. Whether you prefer cotton or microfiber, fluffy or lightweight, we want to help you find your next beach towel. Here are some of our favorites.

Kaufman Velour Cabana Towels

Cabana cool: Kaufman Velour Cabana Towels

Staff Pick

Wide stripes run the length of these towels, while delicate pinstriping frames the top and bottom edges. You'll receive all four colors: turquoise, green, orange, and pink — making it easy to keep track of which one is yours. They're 30-inches by 60-inches and since they're made from 100-percent cotton you can toss them in the wash.

$34 at Amazon
Laguna Beach Oversize Plush Cabana Towels

Accent stripes: Laguna Beach Oversize Plush Cabana Towels

By breaking the pattern of two stripe colors with one accent stripe, the Laguna Beach Textile Company has put a modern spin on the classic look. Made with 630 GSM of cotton, you can expect a towel that is more absorbent and softer than terrycloth versions. These towels are large enough to snuggle into after you leave the water, measuring 70-inches by 35-inches.

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Wetcat Turkish Beach Towel

Most colors: WETCAT Original Turkish Beach Towel

Created in Turkey, these towels are made from natural dyed yarn. As a result, they are thinner than traditional terrycloth towels but have the added bonus of not attracting sand. There are over 25 color options to choose from, each measuring 38-inches by 71-inches, with delicate but sparse fringing on the ends.

$20 at Amazon
Twoyek Sand Free Beach Towel

Playful prints: TwoYek Sand Free Beach Towel

When dry, this towel is super light and weighs just over half of a pound, but can hold seven times its weight in water. There are a myriad of mandala patterns to choose from, as well as prints of pineapples, beach scenes, or abstract art. You'll also enjoy how sand doesn't stick to the towel as it does to cotton options.

From $14 at Amazon
Cotton Craft Malibu Cotton Towels

Very vibrant: COTTON CRAFT Malibu Cotton Towels

Inspired by the colors and patterns of summer, these luxurious towels won't disappoint. They're made of 100-percent soft cotton, and measure 39-inches by 68-inches. Whether you choose a pattern inspired by pool tiles, the classic cabana strips, or the bright sun, these towels make a nice addition to your beach accessories.

From $28 at Amazon
Yifontin Beach Towel For Kids

Best for kids: YIFONTIN Beach Towel for Kids

This towel comes in two sizes: 24-inches by 48-inches, or 30-inches by 60-inches. It's big enough for your little one to dry off, but also provides plenty of space for lounging on the sand. There are patterns with sharks, mermaids, dinosaurs, and unicorns available to choose from.

From $13 at Amazon

Drying off

There are a lot of great options for beach towels, but we favor the Kaufman Velour Cabana Towels. The wide stripe design is a timeless look for towels you'll take the beach or use by the pool. You can machine wash them, so they're also easy to take care of after use. They're fluffy, soft, and you get all four colors so you can pick your favorite.

Want to try something a bit different than your basic beach towel? Take a look at the WETCAT Original Turkish Beach Towel. It's incredibly lightweight, soft, dries fast, and is made in Turkey. The fringe accents and subtle stripes give it character that looks good being used as a towel or a shawl.

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