Best Bath Mats TechnoBuffalo 2022

Who wants to step out of the shower and onto a cold, wet, slippery floor? Nobody, that's who. We want soft, absorbent, warm materials to make our feet feel happy, as well as to prevent slips and falls. A quality bath mat is your best bet, but if you're buying online, it might not be easy to decide without physically touching and feeling the item. That's why we've done the work for you and compiled this list of the best bath mat choices.

Gorilla Grip best bath mat

All the plushy colors: Gorilla Grip Chenille Bathroom Mat

Staff Fave

Fluffy, soft, absorbent, and colorful, this design is everything you can ask of a bathroom mat. It's formulated of super-soft chenille plush fabric that feet love to sink into. The thick weave is ultra-absorbent for wet feet, and the bottom is reinforced with a grippy TP rubber backing to prevent slipping. It's available in seven different sizes and 26 colors.

$20 at Amazon

Best value: Utopia Cotton Banded Bath Mats

These simple 100-percent cotton mats are thin, soft, and absorbent. They are machine washable and dryer-friendly for convenience. Best of all, they come in a pack of two, so you can't beat the price.

Memory Foam Bath Mat

Fluffy memory foam: Magnificent Memory Foam Bath Mat

If you've ever stepped onto memory foam, you know that delightful cloud-like feel as your feet sink in. Ultra-soft and thick, this is one of the comfiest, best bath mats around. It's available in two tasteful colors and two sizes.

$14 at Amazon
Bamboo Bath Mats

Eco-friendly bamboo: mDesign Bamboo Bath Mat

Constructed using eco-friendly materials and processes, this bath mat features breathable bamboo slats that drain water away while adding an attractive, natural look to any space. Not just for the bathroom, you can use this mat in the kitchen, on the patio, or as a non-slip solution alongside your jacuzzi or sauna.

$35 at Amazon
DecoLife Bathroom rug

Super absorbent: DecoLife Diatomaceous Absorbent Bathroom Mat

Like magic! Water disappears immediately into this ultra-absorbent, non-slip bath mat. Using diatomaceous earth and natural plant fibers, the mat not only absorbs water in seconds, but it also repels bacteria and odors. It's an especially thoughtful choice for the very young or elderly because it effectively prevents slips and falls while keeping bathroom air cleaner and odor-free.

$27 at Amazon
Kids Best Bath Mat

Fun for kiddos: Memory Foam Fish Bathroom Mat

Kids will love this colorful memory foam fish that greets them after their bath. Soft, absorbent, and grippy, it will provide a plush texture for wet little feet while preventing any slips. The mat is available in several bright colors and fun shapes.

$23 at Amazon

Luxury feel: KMAT Luxury Microfiber Bath Mat

For that hotel feel, this luxurious microfiber mat is extra thick and very large at 47-by-32 inches. The plushy microfiber material is fluffy, soft, and deep. Your toes will sink into the material as the dense fibers absorb excess water. With a TP rubber backing, it will also prevent slipping and sliding.

$39 at Amazon

In conclusion

Whether you're trying to create a luxurious hotel ambiance or just keep feet safe and dry after a shower, you have many choices for the best bath mats. Our fave is the Gorilla Grip Chenille Bathroom Mat because of its soft, plushy chenille texture and a vast array of color choices. The thick, ultra-soft chenille is a joy for cold, wet feet, and you can mix and match sizes or colors to go with your decor.

For a spa-like feel or to use in a sauna or jacuzzi setting, the bamboo slatted mat will add instant sophistication to your space, and it's eco-friendly! Or, if the bathroom is used primarily for children, they will enjoy this colorful smiling fish mat. No matter what you choose, any one of these best bath mats will be a quality addition to your home.

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