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Hydrotherapy is as old as the day is long. When you are a mother running after small children (or even keeping track of teens), the days can seem endless. Luckily, you don't have to shell out big bucks for a babysitter and an expensive spa. You can fill up your tub for a therapeutic DIY experience for the cost of a delightful bath bomb. Now make sure your toddler is out of the tub, fill it up for yourself, and try out one of these bath bombs and give yourself relief from the hardest job on earth.

The bath that gives back: Refugee Bath Co.

Staff Pick

Each of these plant-based, natural, skin-nourishing bath bombs is hand made by former refugees. Plus, a portion of the proceeds of every sale will go to refugee assistance programs. Each box comes with a thank you card to show that your purchase is appreciated. You can feel even better knowing that your soak is for a good cause.

$25 at Amazon

Mellow out: Kush Queen Bath Bombs

You don't need to have a prescription to get some of the benefits of cannabis. CBD oil (Cannabidiol) has become a popular go-to treatment for arthritis, anxiety, and pain, among other maladies. Kush Queen specializes in CBD oil-infused bath bombs. Kush Queen's proprietary Entourage Effect is the outcome of combining cannabinoids with terpenes and essential oils. Bathers were especially enthusiastic about the Complete Mini Collection, which contains five generous sample size bath bombs to target different therapeutic goals.

$30 at Kush Queen

Wine country: Napa Soap Company Wine Bath Bombs Set of 4

Many mothers look forward to a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day. The Napa Soap Company is ready to assist you with a bath bomb reminiscent of your favorite wines. Do yourself a favor and pour yourself a glass while you soak off the day's stress with a blend of skin-nourishing natural essential oils. In keeping with the wine tasting protocol, the bath bombs are presented from white to red. You can buy this set of bath bombs with scents likened to a fruity Chardonnay, bubby orange Mimosa, a fruit-forward Cabernet, and a light-bodied Pinot Noir.

$24 at Amazon

Sweet and sudsy: Salus Bath Bombs

If sweets are more your jam, Salus has a variety of bath bombs that are not only smell like your favorite confections, but they are wrapped like candy. All Salus bath bombs are vegan and free of gluten, GMOs, sulfates, and dye and will pamper your skin. You can't go wrong with yummy scents like Chocolate, Bourbon Vanilla, Sweet Coconut, Bubble Gum, and Peppermint.

$3 at Salus

Beautiful bubbles: Two Sisters Bath Bombs

Two Sisters Spa creates bath bombs that are as luxurious as they are artistic. This team of mothers advocates for flex schedules and self-care products made with high-quality ingredients. What makes these bath bombs especially fun is the high bubble volume after they dissolve in warm water. It's something unique to this line as most bath bombs do not provide much lather.

$7 at Amazon

Bathe like a diva: Jackpot Candles Bath Bombs

Have a bath fit for a queen. Each one of Jackpot Candles' therapeutic, essential oil-infused bath bombs comes with a piece of jewelry. The Enliven Me Lavender Bath Bomb comes in a generous 10 ounces and has a necklace with a Swarovski crystal inside. Adult tub time has never been so fun!

$16 at Amazon

Whimsical water: Aofmee Bath Bombs Gift Set

These bath bombs are as playful as they come. This set of six comes in exotic fragrances, pampers your skin with natural, vegan, and organic ingredients and all the bath bombs come in delightful shapes that look like they could be purchased at your corner bakery. Clean has never been so cute!

$13 at Amazon

Biggest splashes

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of these bath bombs. Each brand is unique and offers harried mothers a luxurious way to fit in some self-care without leaving the house.

While there are many bath bombs out there, the ones selected here all have natural ingredients and will be suitable for most skin types without overly perfumey scents.

We especially like Two Sisters Spa for their high-quality products that are aesthetically stunning. Our hands-down personal favorite is the 12 pack offered by Refugee Bath Co. containing six pleasing fragrances along with the knowledge you are indulging for a good cause.

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