Best Basketball Racks TechnoBuffalo 2021

If you have basketball fans in your household, there's plenty of reason to keep more than just one basketball around. Storing your basketballs can be a pain since they will roll around in a hallway or garage. Instead, why not find the perfect size rack to store them? Here's a collection of our favorites for any location you may need extra ball storage.

BSN Sports Ball Rack

Easy to move: BSN Sports Ball Cart

Staff Pick

Store twelve basketballs at once on this mobile storage rack. This model from BSN is useful for gymnasiums, sports clubs, churches, or even your own garage. The wheels make it easy to bring it to and from where you need it, and since they are made of rubber, they won't scratch wood floors.

$58 at Amazon
XCSOURCE Sports Equipment Rack

For the hallway: XCSOURCE Sports Equipment Rack

Front hallways and mudrooms can get overcrowded fast, especially when you have sports equipment. This option will give you spots for sports balls, and hooks to hang other equipment or bags, without adding to your overstuffed closets. There are also special hooks for rackets and bats on the top edges.

$30 at Amazon
Knape & Vogt John Sterling Sports Rack

Small spaces: Knape & Vogt John Sterling Sports Rack

Want to squeeze in some ball storage on the wall of your closet or garage? This vertical rack can hold seven basketballs or other sports balls. The small footprint means you won't be sacrificing much space to keep sports equipment tidy. As an alternative, the rack can be mounted in three separate pieces, so it isn't too tall.

$22 at Amazon
Wallniture Sporta Ball Holder

On display: Wallniture Sporta Ball Holder

If you want to display a special ball you received or had autographed, then this option is for you. The plate backing mounts on your wall, and the hoop will hold a basketball or any other sports ball. This is the most minimal rack available, but you can purchase multiple ones to hang near each other.

$10 at Amazon
Basketball Butler 2

Conveniently located: Basketball Butler 2 Ball Storage Rack

Maybe you're tired of fetching your basketballs from the garage or the other side of the gym. Or perhaps you need a spot to set your ball on a windy day while you grab a drink. This rack attaches directly to the basketball pole, so you won't have to put the ball away and can get back to your game when you're ready.

$62 at Amazon

A place for everything

Finding a safe spot to store your basketball doesn't have to be difficult, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice space you'd typically use for other household items. And if you have more than one basketball or a collection of sports balls, then a basketball rack is a no-brainer. We think the BSN Sports Ball Cart is the best option in our collection for most people. There's room for multiple balls, no matter the sport they're for, and it's easy to move thanks to the wheels and broad base.

However, the Wallniture Sporta Ball Holder offers a compact design at a reasonable price and puts the basketball on display in a room, while also keeping it out of the way. This option is ideal for any sports collector, and you can create your own displays if you purchase more of the same model.

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