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If you're missing the crispy golden joy of deep-fried potatoes and beer-battered fish from your favorite restaurants, now you can make the same delicious treats at home! There are plenty of options for deep-frying food, from compact small-batch units to big, commercial-sized fry machines. Our favorite is the T-FAL Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer because it actually filters used oil automatically and stores it clean and safe until your next fry session. Genius! Check out this unit and a few other great options below.

Best Overall: T-FAL Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer

T Fal3.5literezcleandeepfryer HeroSource: T-Fal

The biggest headache with any deep fryer is the aftermath - gallons of dirty, greasy oil to drain and filter or, if you're extra tired, just throw out. That's the beauty of the T-FAL Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer; once you're done cooking, the handy appliance filters your oil and safely stores it until the next use. Of course, with 3.5-liter capacity and 1700 watts of power, it also does an amazing job of frying up some grub. With a quick recovery heating system, your food will reach that beautiful golden brown quickly, with minimal oil absorption. The main complaint customers have with this unit is the way the basket is made. It seems a tad bit small in comparison to the 3.5-liter capacity, and the fine mesh tends to stick to wet batters unless they are dropped into the oil while the basket is fully submerged. Once you've perfected the technique, however, this deep fryer works like a charm.


  • EZ Clean oil filtration system is convenient and economical
  • Powerful motor and good oil capacity for optimal performance
  • Quick recovery heating system


  • Smallish basket
  • Fine mesh can stick to wet batters

Best Overall

T Fal Deep Fryer With Basket

T-FAL Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer

A fryer that cleans itself

The T-FAL Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer takes the hassle out of deep-fry cleanup with its handy oil filtration and storage system.

Best Value: Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Frydaddy HeroSource: Presto

For those who don't have the space or budget for an industrial-sized deep fryer, this little FryDaddy from Presto will be just the thing. While it doesn't have a basket per-say, it comes with a slotted spoon that fits perfectly into the oil well to quickly scoop out your golden-brown vittles. There are no complicated dials or gauges; just turn it on, wait a few minutes for it to reach frying temperature, and throw in the food! The FryDaddy is made with simplicity and efficiency in mind, so it's very easy to use and won't waste unnecessary time or space. The only thing it lacks is a splash guard to protect your kitchen from oil popping and splashing. But overall, a great solution for small households to make a few servings of delicious fried food.


  • Small and convenient
  • No complicated dials or assembly
  • Maintains temperature well


  • Only makes a few servings at a time
  • No splash guard

Best Value

Frydaddy Deep Fryer

Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Quick and easy

Small households will appreciate the compact size and ease-of-use of the FryDaddy Deep Fryer. It'll cook fave foods efficiently.

Best for Large Families: Cuisinart Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer

Cuisinart Extra Large Deep Fryer HeroSource: Cuisinart

Larger households and avid entertainers will want a deep fryer that can churn out large batches in one fell boil. For cooking up larger meals, look into an extra-large deep fryer like this one from Cuisinart. The big five-liter oil well can cook an entire large meal - about 12 servings - in one batch. Our favorite feature, however, is the cool rotisserie function. A special rotisserie attachment allows you to deep fry an entire 14-pound turkey in one hour! Whoever heard of a turkey cooking so fast? Your next meal will be a total hit with this Cuisinart Deep Fryer in your kitchen. Of course, this is no small appliance. You'll want a lot of cabinet space to house this unit, but it is well worth the large footprint.


  • Large capacity for making large batches
  • Fries an entire turkey in one hour
  • Allows for minute temperature control and timing


  • It's expensive
  • Takes up a lot of space

Best for Large Families

Cuisinart Extra Large Deep Fryer

Cuisinart Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer

When bigger is better

Cook up big meals in one batch with Cuisinart's five-liter deep fryer. It will also deep fry an entire turkey in just one hour!

Best Versatility: Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker

Presto Multi Cooker HeroSource: Presto

Now here's a novel idea - a smart pot that does it all! The Presto Multi-Cooker comes with a fryer/steamer basket to fry up to five batches at once of your favorite foods. What makes this cooker unique is that it's made for much more than just frying. The basket can also be used with water to steam or blanch vegetables, and the pot itself can be used to cook just about any other food, such as stew, pot roast, soup, and casserole. Multi-cooker indeed! We also love that the heat control component can be removed to allow you to stick the whole thing into the dishwasher, so cleanup is a breeze. The only issue with the Presto Multi-Cooker is that it does not have a great recovery heating system, so frying frozen foods could be a challenge with this unit. It will work better when frying room-temperature foods.


  • It will cook anything
  • Easy cleanup
  • Compact size


  • No recovery heating system
  • Might not work well to fry frozen foods

Best Versatility

Presto Multi Cooker

Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker

Cook all the things

The ultra-versatile Presto Multi-Cooker will deep fry your food, as well as steam it, blanch it, roast it, and stew it!

Best for Multitasking: Elite Gourmet Triple Basket Deep Fryer

Elite Gourmet 1700 Watt Stainless Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer HeroSource: Elite Gourmet

Here's a deep fryer that can multitask! Cook two different foods at once in this dual-basket fryer. It's perfect for those evenings when you're frying up fries and fish at the same time. For those occasions when you only want to cook one big batch, the Elite Gourmet Deep Dryer also comes with one extra-large basket to make 2.5 pounds of fried goodies at once. With over 4 liters to work with, it's plenty big enough to handle large meals. With a 1700-watt heating unit and up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit cooking temperature, it packs plenty of power to get the job done fast. This is a larger fryer with lots of parts, so you'll need plenty of room to work with to use it and clean it up.


  • Comes with three baskets
  • Cooks two different foods at once
  • Fries large batches


  • Big and bulky
  • Multiple parts can be time-consuming to clean

Best for Multitasking

Elite Gourmet Deep Fryer

Elite Gourmet Triple Basket Deep Fryer

The multitasker

Fry two different kinds of food at once with this dual deep fryer or use the third 2.5-pound basket to make one extra-large batch.

Bottom line

With so many great deep fryers to choose from, it won't be easy choosing just one! Consider the size of your kitchen, your budget, and your average batch size before making a decision. No matter what, with any of these units, you'll be frying up some delicious grub in no time.

We recommend the T-FAL Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer because of its handy oil filtering system. This makes it easy to clean and allows you to reuse the same oil up to 10 times, saving you money and time. This fryer will even store the oil for you! It also gives you plenty of room to work with, implementing a 3.5-liter oil well that can cook about eight servings at once. It's a great all-around solution for deep frying at home.

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