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A baseball glove is an essential piece of equipment for playing the game. It protects your hand and allows you to catch a ball hit by the batter or thrown by a teammate. Get ready to catch all those grounders or fly balls with one of these best baseball gloves. We've rounded up the best ones for all age groups and skill levels.

Franklin Sports Field Master Mitt

Adjustable for a contour fit: Franklin Sports Field Master baseball glove

Staff Pick

Get game ready with this synthetic leather, quality baseball, and softball mitt. While a real leather mitt takes longer to break in; this soft, yet lightweight and durable faux leather makes breaking it in quick and easy. This mitt literally fits like a glove. It is for a right-hand thrower and 12-inches; however, there are other sizes and hand orientation options available.

$25 at Amazon
Rawlings Player Preferred Glove

For all ages and skill levels: Rawlings Player Preferred Series baseball glove

This antique looking glove is just what you need for playing some recreational baseball. Made for ages three to adult, any skill level, and for baseball or softball, this glove has an adjustable fit. You can use it to play almost any position on the field and it is made of full-grain oiled leather, allowing it to be easily broken in. It comes in right and left-handed orientation and it's even available in styles for first base mitt and catcher's mitt.

$41 at Amazon
Franklin Sports Rtp Teeball Glove

For the youngins: Franklin Sports RTP teeball performance glove and ball combo

This lightweight and comfortable glove is perfect for beginners and there is no break-in required. It even comes with a foam ball so you're ready to start practicing. It's available for right-hand and left-hand throwers and it also offers a multitude of color options perfect for girls and boys. Get ready for teeball sign-ups, because they'll be ready to play!

$14 at Amazon
Wilson Sporting Goods Flash Fastpitch Glove

For the ladies: Wilson Sporting Goods 2019 Flash Fastpitch Series glove

This glove is perfect for ladies just starting out in baseball/softball and it can be used in almost all positions. It is lightweight and made of leather and woven fabrics. It has a closed lace pattern so it's even good for young players. You can choose a right or left-hand orientation and it also comes in 11-inches, 11.5-inches, and 12-inches.

$45 at Amazon
Rawlings Players Series Youth

For tiny beginners: Rawlings Players Series Youth glove

This small, lightweight design is 9-inches and a great starting glove for little ones aged three to five. It has a soft shell and comes with a training ball. Its notable features are designed to help your child easily learn the fundamentals of being on the defensive end of teeball/baseball. It even comes in some cool color options.

$16 at Amazon

Catch 'em

No matter you're skill level or position - a baseball glove is an essential part of the game. We love the Franklin Sports Field Master baseball glove as it is a quality and durable option. It's a sharp-looking glove and it is adjustable to fit your hand comfortably. Also, since it's made of synthetic leather, it's easy to break in.

We do also love the Rawlings Player Preferred baseball glove with its vintage feel and versatility. This glove will take care of your baseball needs - whether you're on a youth league playing outfield or on a college team playing first base. Whichever glove you choose - you'll be game ready!

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