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Baking pans are essential tools for culinary novices and experts alike. Whether you want to drop cookies or drizzle cake batter, they provide the perfect heat-conductive surface to elevate your tastiest confections. If you're a baker, chances are you need a stockpile of these useful pans. The best way to bolster your pan inventory is to invest in a set. To help you select the best collection for your bakery, we've gathered our favorite options.

Nordic Ware 2 Pack Aluminum Commercial Bakers Half Sheet Set Render

Baker's basic duo: Nordic Ware 2-piece aluminum commercial baker's half sheet set

Staff Pick

Dig out your favorite cookie recipe and get the baking started with these half-sheet pans by Nordic Ware. This bake-ready duo is constructed to make the best out of your baking exploits with their sturdy aluminum construction. Perfect for browning yummy treats, these pans are framed by steel rims to provide extra strengthen and prevent warping. Don't hesitate to add these formidable pans to your collection; they'll carry your best desserts for years to come.

$22 at Amazon
Rachel Ray 3 Piece Non Stick Cookie Pan Set Render

Treat-making trio: Rachel Ray 3-piece non-stick cookie pan set

Bake batch after batch with this three-piece cookie-friendly baking pan set. Constructed of durable, heat-conductive steel, these easy non-stick pans will beautifully brown your sweet treats. Their sturdy design is made to endure temperatures up to 500 degrees, and resist warping. The pans have wide handles with silicone grips that offer a secure hold from the oven to the cooling rack. As a baker, you'll need a variety of sizes, and this collection provides 11-by-17, 10-by-15, and 9-by-13-inch size options.

From $26 at Amazon
Wilton Easy Layers Sheet Cake Render

Easy as cake: Wilton Easy Layers 2-piece sheet cake pan set

Build beautiful cakes layer by layer with this sheet cake pan set. You'll bake and stack moist, yummy tiers of your favorite flavors with this sturdy duo, sized at a generous, 9-by-13-by-0.75 inches. They're crafted from sturdy aluminum, built take the heat and distribute it to your batter for fluffy, mouthwatering results. Whether you're creating a confection for a birthday or baby shower, these pans will make sure that every tier is even and delicious. And these pans clean easily, too. You can throw them right in the dishwasher.

$11 at Amazon
Good Cook 3 Piece Non Stick Cookie Sheet Set Render

Must-have sizes: Good Cook 3-piece non-stick cookie sheet set

No matter the batch size, there's a pan to accommodate your needs with this cookie sheet set. These efficient pans will take care of each sweet creation, providing an ideal surface to perfectly brown each cookie. The pans even have a non-stick coating, which makes them easy to clean. This collection offers three size options, including 13-by-9, 15-by-10, and 17-by-11-inch pans.

$18 at Amazon
Rachel Ray Cucina 10 Piece Non Stick Bakeware Set Render

Multi-pan collection: Rachel Ray Cucina 10-piece non-stick bakeware set

If you need to stock up on everything, this set is a baker's dream. It includes a variety of pan options for every possible confection. You'll make cakes, cupcakes, muffins, loaves, and more with this comprehensive set. The pans are constructed of sturdy, non-stick steel, detailed with easy-to-grip silicone-accented handles, and designed to withstand oven temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. With a wide range of sizes and shapes, this set will support whatever treat you want to bake up.

$78 at Amazon
The French Pantry 3 Piece Baking Gift Set Render

Just desserts: The French Pantry 3-piece baking gift set

This ultra-giftable 3-piece set has the baker in your life written all over it. The collection centers around the half-sheet pan crafted from sturdy aluminum and strengthened by a rolled rim to ward off warping. The pan is complimented by the 16.5-by-12-inch fiberglass mesh baking mat with a silicone border. The mat can be tucked into the sheet to help with clean-up, withstanding temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The final piece of this set is a stainless steel cooling rack that cradles yummy treats as they cool. This trio is a great addition to any baker's kitchen.

$30 at Amazon

Pan up

To get your bake on, you'll need the proper baking sheets. No matter what delectable dessert, a baking sheet has the perfect surface to let confections brown and rise. For bakers at any level, one pan might not be enough. In that case, collections are a great choice. Our staff pick is the Nordic Ware 2-piece aluminum commercial baker's half sheet set because of the generous amount of baking space. Each pan has an accommodating surface area, sized at 16.5-by-11.38 inches, offering lots of room for cookies, crumbles, and more. These pans are built to last, crafted from durable, heat-retentive aluminum, and strengthened by steel rims.

Another great choice is the Rachel Ray 3-piece non-stick cookie pan set. This dessert-making non-stick trio is constructed of strong, heat-conductive steel, designed to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees and resist warping. Each pan also has wide handles detailed with silicone grips for stability and control. The included pans span a variety of sizes including, 11-by-17, 10-by-15, and 9-by-13 options.

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