Best Baby Slings and Wraps TechnoBuffalo 2022

Hands-free baby care is essential to staying productive (and sane) as a parent. Especially newborns need a lot of carrying and cuddling, but parents have a lot more to do than hold their babies all day every day. That's where the baby carrier comes in. Whether the baby is supported on your chest, your back, or your hip, they will be soothed and satisfied with your closeness while you go about your day. Our selections below are some great and versatile options.

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

Best ergonomic carrier: Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

Staff Pick

We love the versatility and baby-friendly design of this all-in-one carrier from Ergobaby. First, it cradles growing babies in an ergonomic position that supports healthy spine and hip growth. Our favorite feature, however, is the versatile functionality that allows this carrier to tote baby facing forwards, backward, on the chest, or the back.

$138 at Amazon
Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Best for newborns: Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

The smallest of newborns and preemies need even more cuddling and care, so for these, a fabric wrap-style carrier is best. The fabric can be tied and adjusted to support even the smallest of infants and keeps the baby nestled right against their parent's heartbeat for a secure and soothing hold.

$40 at Amazon
MiaMily Hipster Baby Carrier

Most storage space: MiaMily Hipster Baby Carrier

Toting a baby around, hands-free or not, can be exhausting with the need to bring along diaper bags, snacks, car seats, and so on. The MiaMily Hipster Carrier lightens that load with roomy pockets that allow for easy access to snacks, pacifiers, and other items that baby may need at any given time.

$128 at Amazon
KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

Best value: KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

This standard wrap-carrier from KeaBabies offers all the functionality and convenience of other similar designs but at a great low price point! The brand also offers lots of cute patterns and colors.

$21 at Amazon
CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling and Carrier

Best for breastfeeding: CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling and Carrier

Cuddlebug offers another wrap sling, but this one has a broader design that allows for discreet breastfeeding while Mom is on the go. This wrap carrier also allows for front-facing carry positions, while other similar wraps do not.

$30 at Amazon
TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

Ideal for twins: TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

Parents of twins will love this tandem carrier from TwinGo! The innovative carrier allows one baby to be carried on the chest while the other perches on the back. Babies can ride on the TwinGo up until they reach 30 pounds or more!

$215 at Amazon
Mission Critical Action Baby Carrier

Best for dads: Mission Critical Action Baby Carrier

Dads rejoice! Here's a heavy-duty baby carrier from Mission Critical that will hold up no matter where you go. With MOLLE straps on the front and back, you can also customize the carrier with various attachments and packs in any configuration you like.

$159 at Amazon

Bottom Line

If your little bundle needs lots of holding and cuddling, you'll want some hands-free time to get things done. Even a shopping trip can be made quick and easy with a simple baby carrier. Our favorite is the Ergobaby 360 because of its ergonomic design and versatility. With this carrier, you can tote your baby in any one of six positions, front or back, according to what's most comfortable.

Dads will likely prefer the Mission Critical Action Baby Carrier because it will weather any of his favorite activities while the baby stays safe and comfy. Parents of twins will love the TwinGo carrier since it will support tandem carry of two children up to 35 pounds. Take a gander at the carriers on this list, and you'll surely find the perfect fit for your growing family.

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