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The best baby rattle can greatly help develop your infant's motor and sensory skills. You need to ensure you invest in the right option, though. Apart from the obvious safety considerations, you want to look for rattles that are easy for a baby's hands to grip, have engaging sounds, feature bright colors for visual interest, and ideally are easy to clean. We've rounded up a collection of brilliant baby rattles suitable for newborns and up so that you can find the perfect toy for your precious babe.

Rock out: Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas

Staff Pick

From a trusted toy brand, these rattles are sized perfectly for little hands to grasp and shake. They feature a soft, patterned pom-pom top with colorful beads in the handles that make fun rattle sounds when shaken. They are suitable for babies ages three months and up.

$7 at Amazon

Affordable amusement: Bright Starts Rattle & Shake Barbell Toy

This budget choice is a great value. It's a clear rattle with colorful beads, a mirrored background, and a textured handle that is easy for babies to grasp. This rattle measures just over six inches long and is also suitable for infants ages three months and up.

$3 at Amazon

Grabbable design: Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy

Described as "captivating," this ball is made from soft, bendable, grippable plastic that is BPA-free. It boasts baby-friendly primary colors and a cheerful caterpillar on the center band. Inside the rattle is a rolling rattle ball that makes a sound when shaken.

$6 at Amazon

Weather-themed: Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Rattle

Suitable from birth, this sweet weather-themed rattle makes soothing rain-like sounds. It has an easy-grip handle and features colorful rattle beads. Adding to this rattle's appeal are tactile ribbons and a fun squeaker ball on the base of the handle.

$8 at Amazon

Easy to grip: The First Years First Rattle

This is another tactile choice with multiple textures, high contrast patterns to encourage visual tracking, and a friendly design. This rattle has a design that's easy for babies to grip hold of. It's a soft, chew-safe option suitable for newborns.

$8 at Amazon

Atomic energy: Manhattan Toy Atom Rattle & Teether Toy

The Atom rattle and teether is a multi-sensory clutching toy that encourages grasping and reaching. It boasts soft and pliable one-piece posts with rings that slide around to make gentle rattling sounds. Babies will love the bold colors.

$8 at Amazon

Make it rain: Hape Beaded Raindrops Shake & Rattle Rainmaker Toy

A classic rainmaker toy, this rattle offers the soothing and gentle sounds of rain. Add in the mesmerizing movement of the small beads trickling up and down, and your baby with be transfixed. Made of wood and baby-safe plastics, this option is suitable from birth.

$13 at Amazon

Rolling hedgehog: Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Baby Rattle Toy

This rattle is aimed at babies ages three months and up. As well as being easy to grab and satisfying to shake thanks to the rattle sounds, this option has a rubberized finish to make is safe for teethers. Older, more mobile babies will enjoy the rolling action.

$8 at Amazon

Traditional choice: Homi Baby Wood Baby Rattle & Teether

This rattle breaks our colorful rule, but it's an absolute classic from a traditional rattle point of view. Made in the USA from ethically harvested hardwoods and finished with organic materials, this is a smooth, baby-safe choice with engaging clacking action.

$16 at Amazon

Shake, rattle, and roll

Shakers are a totally classic design when it comes to baby rattles. Our overall staff pick, the Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas, falls into this category. The colorful beads in the handle and soft pom-poms will prove popular with little ones.

We also have to recommend a traditional rainmaker like the Hape Beaded Raindrops Shake & Rattle Rainmaker Toy. This style provides a gentler sound and is visually interesting for babies, too.

As well as help develop fine motor skills, the Skip Hop Explore and More Roll Around Baby Rattle Toy can also help older infants with gross motor skills, encouraging them to move around the floor, chasing it when it rolls away.

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