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Science says that reading aloud to babies - even at the newborn stage - improves their cognitive function, memory, and communication skills. Besides that, sitting down to a good book is a wonderful opportunity for good old-fashioned bonding time. Start reading to your little one with some of these excellent baby books. Of these choices, we favor the TouchThinkLearn: ABC book because it's a straightforward, yet intuitive, way to begin introducing letters to babies. But don't take our word for it, browse through them all, and see what you think.

Best Overall: TouchThinkLearn: ABC

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Like the idea of giving your baby a head start on letter recognition? This colorful book presents letters in a delightful, intuitive manner with different textures and cut-outs to appeal to babies' curious fingers. The book is over 10" tall, which makes it a bit bulky for toddlers or babies to hold themselves; it is more ideal for a good lap or floor read.


  • Simple presentation of letters in vibrant colors
  • Interesting textures and cutouts
  • Encourages early literacy


  • It's expensive
  • It may feel too big and bulky for some toddlers to hold
  • Some parents complain that three-dimensional letters can be easily detached

Best Overall


TouchThinkLearn: ABC

Early letter learning

Encourage spongy little brains to recognize letters with colorful illustrations and engaging textures.

Best Value: Baby Signs

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Another great book for early learning, Baby Signs, will introduce your baby to simple baby sign language. This is an excellent way for young babies to learn to communicate with caregivers, long before they can speak. Signs like "Hungry," "More," and "It hurts" can prevent a lot of frustration and tantrums for nonverbal babies. Baby Signs includes thirteen of the most used-signs for babies, although some parents complain that several vital signs are missing, like "please" and "thank you."


  • Teaches basic baby sign language
  • Illustrations are engaging and cute
  • It's affordable


  • Only includes 13 signs
  • Some sign illustrations are not very clear
  • Missing some crucial signs like "please" and "thank you."

Best Value

Baby Signs

Baby Signs

Sign language for littles

Give small babies a head start on communications with simple sign language for important words like "hungry" and "more."

Best Tear Jerker: Love You Forever

I Love You HeroSource: Barnes&Noble

As much a story for parents as for babies, this sweet poetic book depicts the undying compassion of a mother's love. This tear-jerker has been a much-loved classic for over 30 years and remains just as relevant today. Perfect for bedtime bonding, Love You Forever shows your little ones the meaning of unconditional love, and babies love the simple rhythm and rhyme of the words.


  • A sweet story for parents and babies
  • Depicts the nature of a parent's love
  • Rhyming words are a pleasure for little ears


  • Some parents find the book's ending a bit sad
  • For older toddlers, the subject matter may feel too serious

Best Tear Jerker

Love You Forever

Love You Forever

A sweet story

Generations of parents and grandparents have enjoyed reading this sweet story to their babies. Give them insight into unconditional love.

Best Life Lesson: Beautiful Oops!

Beautiful Oops HeroSource: Barnes&Noble

Here's an interactive book that teaches young minds about the importance of embracing life's little mistakes. Had a little spill? Accidental tear? No worries! Beautiful Oops! shows children that every mistake is an opportunity to create something wonderful and new. Along the way, babies can manipulate the many flaps, pop-ups, tears, and holes that reveal life's creativity.


  • Offers a positive perspective to everyday accidents and mistakes
  • Interactive elements keep babies entertained
  • Encourages a creative mindset


  • The book is very small but works well for babies
  • Content is suitable for babies, but may not keep the interest of older toddlers
  • Only hardcover version is available, not board book

Best Life Lesson

Beautiful Oops

Beautiful Oops!

Accidents can be fun!

Teaching creative ways to fix mistakes, Beautiful Oops! transforms every accident into a fun and interactive opportunity.

Best Bedtime Book: Goodnight Moon

Goodnight MoonSource: Barnes&Noble

Another classic favorite, this simple bedtime story has been used for generations to help calm sleepy little minds. The poetic repetition of the words and sweet, simple concepts help to lull babies into a dreamy calm before bed. Help your baby say goodnight to the world around them with this classic board book.


  • Simple, poetic words are calming to young minds
  • Helps children prepare their minds for sleep
  • Cute, vivid illustrations are pleasing to the eye


  • Some parents perceive the illustrations as too loud for bedtime
  • Cloth version is abridged, so go for the board book

Best Bedtime Book

Goodnight Moon Hero

Goodnight Moon

Bedtime vibes

Put your babies to bed with this classic rhyming bedtime tale. Its rhyming words will have you both feeling sleepy!

Best Tactile Adventure: Where's the Astronaut?

Astronaut HeroSource: Penguin Randomhouse

Take your little one on a space adventure with an astronaut, a space dog, and lots of other loveable characters. Babies love this book because of the peek-a-boo style flaps that allow them to seek and find new surprises on every page. The simple, colorful illustrations are the perfect eye candy for babies of any age.


  • Fun, tactile experience
  • Vibrant illustrations
  • It's outer space!


  • Felt flaps may become detached with rough use
  • The book is very simple; it may not keep babies entertained into toddlerhood

Best Tactile Adventure

Wheres Astronaut Book

Where's the Astronaut?

Fun flaps!

This cute outer-space adventure provides a fun tactile experience for youngsters as they lift the felt flaps to find hidden characters.

Bottom line

Ready to start reading? So is your baby! All babies can benefit from some good reading time every day, and you can get started at any age, even the newborn stage.

We really love TouchThinkLearn: ABC. Here you have a beautiful representation of the alphabet where every letter forms an illustration that starts with that same letter! It's a smart concept that's executed beautifully with bright colors and interesting textures that little hands love to explore. Take a look at all of these book choices and start building your baby library today.

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