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When it comes to protecting your mouth and teeth, there's an array of options to choose from. Finding an athletic mouthguard that offers a precise, comfortable fit and maximum protection isn't easy. We've rounded up some of the best picks to help you decide. Our favorite is the Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard, which offers a unique triple-layer design, maximum protection, and plenty of breathability and comfort.

Best Overall : Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

There a few important boxes to check when buying a mouthguard, and the Shock Doctor Gel Max hits them all. The gel-fit liner technology makes it easy to achieve the perfect fit as the silicone mold forms to your teeth and gums. Breathability is never an issue thanks to the integrated breathing channels within the triple-layer design.

Perhaps the most critical feature in a mouthguard is the level of protection it offers. The Shock Doctor Gel Max features a heavy-duty shock frame that promises full protection during impacts. Your teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue will always be safe when you wear this athletic mouthguard during various activities. It comes in a wide range of color options, too.

While the Shock Doctor Gel Max is recommended for all types of sports where a mouthguard is required, including boxing, wrestling, and football, it is not designed for users with braces. It's a bit bulky compared to some of the other options, but you can't beat the durability and protection that comes with it.


  • Triple-layer, breathable design
  • Made with heavy-duty silicone
  • Can be used with or without strap


  • On the bulky side
  • Not for braces

Best Overall

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

Super breathable

This breathable athletic mouthguard is an ideal pick for those who need maximum protection and durability in a variety of sports.

Best Lightweight Design: SISU Aero NextGen Mouthguard

These athletic mouthguards are perfect when you want robust protection without a bulky design. This design is 50% thinner than other conventional mouthguards without compromising comfort or convenience. Not to mention that the SISU Aero NextGen mouth guards offer warrantied dental protection for users age 11 and up.

Unlike other thick options out there, you won't experience difficulty talking, breathing, or even drinking with this athletic mouthguard. This is great for users who are playing sports and need to be able to communicate and rehydrate throughout the game quickly. You'll also have a wider bite pad and rounded edges for improved comfort.

While some users have had trouble molding the mouthguard to get their preferred fit, the good news is that you can remold it up to 20 times. This specific design is only intended for users age 11 and up, so it's not for youngsters. This is also one of the more expensive options, but it's hard to find a design this thin.


  • Distributes impact for minimal damage
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Easy to breathe and talk


  • Expensive
  • Not for young children
  • Molding can be a challenge

Best Lightweight Design

SISU Aero NextGen Mouthguard

Ultra-thin protection

If you're tired of bulky mouthguards that make it hard to breathe and talk, you'll love the ultra-thin SISU Aero NextGen.

Best Value: Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard

No matter what type of sports you'll be playing, you'll be glad to have the Shock Doctor Pro on your side. This athletic mouthguard is designed for various sports such as basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, MMA, and more.

The shock-absorbent front bumper guarantees protection; it deflects impact away from your front teeth. You'll have peace of mind with the dental warranty, too. If you wear braces, you can count on your orthodontic investment remaining safe from harm.

While the boil and bite molding can be a bit tricky for first-timers, it does offer you the chance to reform it as needed. At this low price, you don't get a case with your mouthguard, but those aren't too hard to come by.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Dental warranty
  • Compatible with braces


  • Boil method can be tricky
  • Doesn't come with a case

Best Value

Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard

Comfortable protection

The Shock Doctor Pro mouthguard is an affordable solution that gets the job done by providing comfortable protection from impact.

Best for Fighters: Venum Challenger Mouthguard

If you're most concerned about being able to have the perfect fit with your athletic mouthguard, the Venum Challenger will put your mind at ease. It's made with an advanced gel frame for improved comfort that helps you achieve the right fit. While it can be used in all kinds of sports, it's specifically designed for MMA, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and karate.

Protection is just as important as the right fit. Luckily, that's been taken into consideration as well. You'll be protected against injuries to your lips, teeth, gum, and jaw. It comes with a lower rubber frame that brakes the shock and distributes it toward your strongest teeth.

Compared to some of the other athletic mouthguards out there, the Venum Challenger tends to run a bit small, which is fine for users with smaller mouths. However, if you need something on the larger side, you may want to consider investing in one that has multiple size options.


  • Superior fit and comfort
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comes with carrying case


  • Boil and bite method
  • Tends to run small

Best for Fighters

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Fight on

If you need solid protection during your fight, you'll be content with the Venum Challenger. It comes with a carrying case, too.

Best for Braces: Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard

Sure, there are athletic mouthguards on the market that say they're compatible with braces. But why not invest in a product that was specifically made for users with braces in mind? This ensures you'll get the right fit without sacrificing optimal protection.

The Shock Doctor Double Braces mouthguard is made of 100% medical-grade silicone that's ergonomically designed to sit on top of the brackets while keeping both your upper and lower teeth protected. Best of all? There's no boil and bite method required here. Simply pop in the mouthguard, and it'll adapt to changes in the positioning of your teeth and braces even after adjustments.

With double protection for your top and bottom teeth, this mouthguard is bound to be a bit bulky. If your fit tends to run small, you may want to go with something a bit less bulky. On that note, if you play a sport that requires constant communication on the field, that could be a challenge with this mouthguard.


  • Dental warranty
  • Strap or strapless option
  • No boiling required


  • Too bulky for some users
  • Can be difficult to talk

Best for Braces

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard

Braces need love too

Athletes who wear braces need proper protection as well. This double braces mouthguard from Shock Doctor will do the trick.

Best for Contact Sports: OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

You won't find the OPRO Power-Fit mouthguard offers a more unique design than the on that. It comes with a dual-layer outer shell that's meant to absorb impact and distribute it over a larger area, which shields your teeth and gums from injuries.

Inside the mouthguard, you'll find anatomical fitting fins that break down in the molding process to better grip your teeth in the right places. This ensures you'll be able to breathe, speak, and focus on your sport without being distracted by an ill-fitting mouthguard. Regardless of what type of sport you play, this product will give you the protection you need. After all, it's the official mouthguard of the UFC, USA Wrestling, England Hockey, New Zealand Rugby.

With that said, children under the age of 10 will need to look elsewhere. It's not designed for users with braces, either. It might be on the pricey side, but it's one of the most reputable brands in the sports world for a reason.


  • Ideal for all contact sports
  • Dental warranty
  • Unique dual-layer design


  • Rather pricey
  • Not for young kids
  • Not for braces

Best for Contact Sports

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

For all types of athletes

With a dual-layer design that absorbs impact and a dental warranty, you can rely on the OPRO Power-Fit mouthguard to protect you.

Bottom line

As you search for your athletic mouthguard, you'll see there are many available options. Regardless of what your needs are, there's a product that was made for you. We recommend the Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard for the best breathability and a durable design that boasts maximum protection. You can always depend on the heavy-duty shock frame to protect you in times of need.

With all the choices, it won't be too hard to find a match for your needs. Start by making a list of your priorities, so you know what to look for in a mouthguard. Whether you're a fighter, an athlete with braces, or someone who prefers a lightweight design, there's an athletic mouthguard out there with your name on it.

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