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Gift your children the best art supplies and watch as they unleash their creative juices. With exposure to different mediums and an abundance of color, kids can learn to express themselves artistically while improving their fine-motor skills and dexterity. Here are our suggestions when it comes to the most educational, most enjoyable, and the best art supplies for kids.

Crayola Best Art Supplies For Kids Render Crayola

Best overall: Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set

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Excellent for children ages five and up, this Crayola art supply case is great for getting creative. Equipped with 64 multi-colored crayons, 20 mini pencil crayons, 40 washable markers, and 15 pieces of drawing paper, this collection has everything your child needs to feel inspired. This colorful briefcase encourages your children to stay organized as every piece of stationery has its own designated spot inside.

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Kidmademodern Art Supplies Render

Best arts and crafts: Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library Kit

This Kid Made Modern arts supply set is intended for children eight and older. It has over 1,000 pieces of tangible tidbits and loose parts to create the most intricate masterpieces. Your child can create 3D characters, make jewelry, scrapbook, or decorate items with the contents inside of this art box. The packaging features a sectioned box that is great for safely storing all of the art supplies when your child is not using them.

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Funzbo Best Art Supplies For Kids Render Amazon

Best use of glitter: FunzBo Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

If your kindergarten-age child is one that loves glitter and all things bright and sparkly, the FunzBo arts and crafts kit is a great choice. It consists of glitter-glue pens, sequins, crystal stickers, and more. With these art supplies, your children can unleash their creativity and stay inspired for hours because the possibilities are endless with these supplies. To store loose items, simply place them back inside of the reusable container. Roughly the size of a water bottle, you can bring these art supplies with you wherever you go.

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Colorcrayz Best Art Supplies For Kids Render Amazon

Best painting supplies: ColorCrayz Kids Art Set

The ColorCrayz Kids art set includes 27 items to make painting as fun and easy as possible. Equipped with 12 colorful non-toxic acrylic paint containers, a mixing tray, five different-size paintbrushes, six 100-percent cotton canvases, a wooden portable tabletop easel, a smock, and a carry case, this art supply kit is ready to inspire the next Picasso. Your children will absolutely love expressing themselves by mixing colors and experimenting with brush strokes on their blank canvases. You can show your children how great they are by putting their masterpieces on display. These art supplies are great for children ages seven and up.

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Goodyking Best Art Supplies For Kids Render Amazon

Best textures: GoodyKing Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

With the GoodyKing arts and crafts supplies, your children will bring imaginary characters to life. Equipped with textured items such as pipe cleaners, pompoms, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, feathers, sequins, and more, your child is free to create. Your kids can make 3D sculptures or paste items directly on to paper to add some texture to their artwork. This art supply kit is great for use at home or in an elementary classroom.

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The bottom line

The best art supplies for kids consist of a variety of materials ranging from coloring stationery to sculpting tools. The Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set is brilliant for any child who loves to draw. This stationery kit includes crayons, pencil crayons, markers, and large sheets of paper that are all stored inside a visually pleasing carry case. With this kit, your child is encouraged to tap into their inner artist.

When it comes to experimenting with a variety of mediums and really sparking your child's creativity, loose items are a wonderful way to go. Art supplies like the Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library Kit inspire your kids to reach outside of their comfort zones and use artistic items that they normally wouldn't choose. Through art supplies like these, your kids are free to create whatever their little heart's desire.

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