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Have you ever found that while at the gym, all of the mirror space is occupied so you can't check your form? Perhaps, you're trying to push yourself a little harder and attempt to curl weights that are heavier than what you're used to. To ensure that your form always stays perfect and your elbows are always tucked into the right place, you may want to try an arm blaster. These are our top picks.

Hawk Sports Arm Blaster Render

Top Pick: Hawk Sports Arm Blaster

Staff Pick

This 24-inch arm blaster features a contoured design that fits snuggly against your body. The durable, adjustable strap ensures that your posture and form remain as perfect as possible while doing bicep curls with heavyweights. Great for all body types, this arm blaster strategically isolates the arms to facilitate growth and make sure you are getting the most out of each exercise. The Hawk Sports Arm Blaster comes with a lifetime warranty.

$25 from Amazon
Celebrita MMA Arm Blaster Render

Most Inexpensive: Celebrita Arm Blaster

Excellent for heavy lifting at the gym, this arm blaster will set you up for success. With grooves to support and secure your elbows while performing curls, you can be sure that you won't slip or wander out of the optimal lifting position. Designed for bodybuilders, this contraption is made from a strong and heavy plastic that fastens around your body via a clip buckle. The nylon belt can be adjusted to fit comfortably on all body types.

$20 from Amazon
Vikingstrength Arm Blaster Render

For Heavy-Duty Lifting: Vikingstrength Arm Blaster

If preacher curls are your go-to exercise at the gym, then the Vikingstrength Arm Blaster is an excellent option for you. This arm blaster works towards stabilizing your upper body to isolate your biceps. This allows you to fully engage your muscles in every exercise, building strength, and muscle endurance. Although this arm blaster is lightweight, it is designed for heavy-duty lifting. The unique curve on this arm blaster keeps your elbows in the optimal position for lifting.

$29 from Amazon
Rimsports Arm Blaster Render

For Lightweight Lifting: RIMSports Arm Blaster

Designed for both beginner and professional bodybuilders, this arm blaster features posture-support technology that keeps your posture ideal during each upper body exercise. This tool reduces the use of momentum when lifting by supporting your elbows and locking them into the optimal position for building lean muscle. This arm blaster can be adjusted to fit all body types and features soft neoprene neck padding to give you the most comfortable fit.

$25 from Amazon
Frost Giant Fitness Arm Blaster Render

Wrist Straps Included: Frost Giant Fitness Heavy-Duty Arm Blaster Pro

This arm blaster is fully prepared to help you build the body that you've always wanted. It comes with two wrist straps to help prevent injury while lifting heavy. These straps allow you to push yourself and lift heavier for longer without injuring your wrist, forearms, and hands. Together, the straps and the arm blaster work toward improving the definition in your physique by isolating your muscles.

$33 from Amazon
DMoose Fitness Arm Blaster Render

Eye-Catching Design: DMoose Fitness Arm Blaster

Available in bold and fun patterns and colors, the DMoose Fitness Arm Blaster is a visually appealing tool to help you build muscle. Your elbows securely lock into place inside the built-in grooves allowing you to perform the perfect curl. With this arm blaster, you won't sway or compromise your posture during your workout, even when you're tired. This arm blaster is made from thick aluminum and long-lasting nylon. It is adjustable to fit all body types.

$26 from Amazon


If you're looking to build your physique and grow strong and lean muscles then an arm blaster is a great way to start. The Hawk Sports Arm Blaster is a brilliant starter tool to help you recognize ideal posture while lifting light or heavy in the gym. It also helps you become comfortable with the positioning of your elbows, reducing any use of momentum to ensure that your arms are isolated during each exercise.

When it comes to heavy-duty lifting, you'll need a heavy-duty arm blaster like the Vikingstrength Arm Blaster. This arm blaster keeps your body stabilized, facilitating growth and definition in your muscles. Whatever your upper-body goals are, an arm blaster will optimize the time you spend in the gym and help you develop strong and lean muscles.

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