The Apple Watch is sold in various styles, but you probably won’t want the same look forever. Changing things up on your wrist is as easy as swapping the band. Make the switch to a different shade of silicone, leather, metal, or nylon and your Apple Watch is looking as new as it did the day you got it.

Just be sure to check sizing before buying because, although all bands work between the three series released over the years, Apple makes its smartwatch in two different widths. All of our recommendations come in both 38mm and 42mm so you only have to make the choice that matches your Apple Watch.

Here are the some of the best bands for the Apple Watch.

Apple Sport Band

  • Price: $49, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Blue Cobalt, Rose Red, Ultra Violet, Flash, Spicy Orange, Dark Teal, Dark Olive, Soft White, Gray, White, Fog, Mist Blue, Camellia, Pebble, Azure, Pink Sand, Midnight Blue, Black, Red

Most of you are going to want to purchase a first-party accessories to keep everything in the family; therefore, look no further than this band. It may look like silicone, but the Sport Band is designed from a similar material that’s stronger and durable. Apple calls it “a custom high-performance fluoroelastometer.” It sits comfortably on your skin, and it denies moisture like water and sweat from trying to stain.

The Sport Band is offered in more colors than you can imagine, which is fantastic considering everyone has different fashion senses to strut.

Any Apple loyalists shopping for a new or extra band will likely start and end with the Sport Band. If they want something a little more premium, the company also sells bands made from other materials. But the Sport Band is attractive, affordable, and durable. Those qualities are enough to make the purchase worth every penny.

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Penom Mesh Milanese Loop Band

  • Price: $19, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Colors(s): Black, Silver, Rose Gold

“Sleek” and “stylish” are two words best describing Penom’s Mesh Milanese Loop Band. It’s stainless steel-based, but the mesh design gives you a slim fit that exudes luxury. There aren’t any holes or straps to secure; your Apple Watch is secured on your wrist by a strong magnetic clasp that can be easily adjusted.

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Pantheon Silicone Sport Band

  • Price: $12, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black/Green, Black/Light Blue, Black/Red, Dark Pink/Pink, Black/Gray, Blue/Pink, Gray/Green, Pink/White, Purple/Green, White/Pink

Wearing a smartwatch while you work out can be pretty gross because you’re sweating up a storm. All that moisture soaks into the band, stains it, and you’re left with an expensive investment that quickly became ugly. So don’t hesitate to pick up Pantheon’s Silicone Sport Band.

This band features a moisture-resistant material to wick away sweat and water. There’s even a chance your wrist will produce less sweat thanks to the breathe-friendly cutouts throughout.

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eLander Stainless Steel Band

  • Price: $20, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Rose Gold, Silver, Space Gray

Make a bold, striking statement when you walk into a room with eLander’s Stainless Steel Band attached to your Apple Watch. It’s a standard stainless steel band available in Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold that has its presence felt. eLander didn’t make this band super-thin, so everyone around you will know exactly what’s on your wrist.

Businesspeople should certainly consider eLander’s band. When someone compliments your watch, they might just think it’s an ordinary watch. Then you can correct them and say it’s an Apple Watch, owing their mistake to the band elevating its premium vibe.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Band/Case

  • Price: $19, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, Blue, Gold, Red, White

You know them for their big and bulky cases, and now you can get a two-in-one accessory from SUPCASE for the Apple Watch. The brand released both a case and a band that are sold together for about $20. It’s total protection for your shiny new smartwatch that, while made of aluminum and glass, is quite vulnerable to scratches and cracks. SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle Pro Band/Case adds a layer of protection that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Marge Plus Genuine Leather Band

  • Price: $17, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, Bordeaux, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Grey, Ivory White, Red

Genuine leather doesn’t have to be too expensive. Marge Plus struck a balance with its band for the Apple Watch by pairing a well-made material with a not-so-scary price tag.

This leather band, which comes in your choice of eight colors to pick from, costs around $20 when it’s discounted. Often you can get it for close to $10, and some of the more popular color choices go out of stock frequently. It’s what has led to the world’s largest online retailer labeling Marge Plus’ Genuine Leather Band as a top choice. Shoppers just like you have given it a 4.5-star rating overall.

We should also add that, from a style standpoint, you can wear your Apple Watch with this band at the office or at a party with it blending in perfectly. It’s the ultimate casual band.

Marge Plus uses soft leather with an anti-slip coating and a stainless steel buckle to trick everyone into thinking the price tag is actually $70. But no, it’s not. You’re getting a high-end band without dropping big money. And the price also includes an eighteen-month warranty to refund or resend the band in case you experience any problems with the quality over time.

Buy now: Amazon (38mm), Amazon (42mm)

Esay Sport Loop Band

  • Price: $13, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s) Black, Dark Black, Dark Olive, Electric Pink, Flash, Midnight Blue, Pink Sand, Seashell, Spicy Orange

Get the Sport Loop Band made by Esay if you’re looking for something hip and fun. It comes in a number of colors, and your Apple Watch is secured to you using velcro. That makes for an easy time putting on the smartwatch and taking it off.

Don’t worry, though. Esay says the velcro is long-lasting to the point where you’ll need to tear at the material hundreds of times before it weakens. When that happens, just get in touch with Esay and you should be able to get a free replacement.

The nylon used for the band itself is breathable, so you can work out while wearing your Apple Watch without thinking twice.

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