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Apples are a sweet and healthy snack, but a whole apple might be a little cumbersome. To make this fruit more manageable at mealtimes, employing a handy slicer will do the trick. Apple slicers are a pretty straight-forward kitchen tool designed to dice. These bladed contraptions wedge, chip, and often core, apples into convenient pieces, great for a lunchtime side or pie filling. To assist with carefree apple consumption, we've collected the best apple slicers.

Progressive Prepworks 16 Slice Apple Slicer

To the core: Progressive Prepworks 16-slice apple slicer

Staff Pick

Get a little extra leverage with this unique slicer and cover combo; it's a slicer and corer in one. The blades are configured into 16 segments with a round blade at the center to extract the core. With a swift push through a delicious apple, this circular device will divide it into even pieces ready for snacking. The protective cover secures the blades when not in use, but also acts as a base, helping lever the slices through. This convenient tool is also dishwasher safe for an easy clean.

$17 at Amazon
Savorliving Stainless Steel Apple Slicer Render

All-metal style: SAVORLIVING stainless steel apple slicer

Sleek, strong, and sanitary, this 12-slice device seamlessly divides apples into easy-to-bite wedges. It features two curved handles for thrust and sharp blades (covering a 4-inch diameter) for shearing. Aside from creating even, munchable pieces, the slicer has a circular center blade to take care of the core. Simple in design and, dare we say, even simpler to use, this tool will definitely be a snacktime go-to. The juicier the apple, the stickier the aftermath, so it's a bonus that this slicer can take a spin in the dishwasher for cleanup. For more detailed care, a cleaning brush is also included.

$17 at Amazon
OXO Good Grips Apple Slicer

Precise wedges: OXO Good Grips apple slicer

Whether they're Granny Smith or Red Delicious, apples a snackable treat no matter how you slice 'em. The slicing part is a little simpler with this handled design by OXO. The stainless-steel blades are portioned into eight wonderful wedges. Even the circular center blade is accounted for, perfectly separating the core from each piece. Pushing the blades through your apple of choice is easy, with cushioned handles for leverage and comfort. This convenient little device is simple to clean up too, just throw it in the dishwasher after each use.

$11 at Amazon
Progressive Prepworks Adjust A Slice Mandoline Slicer Render

Stackable slices: Progressive Prepworks Adjust-a-slice mandoline slicer

Looking to customize your slices? With this paddle-style slicer, you can. It has an angled stainless-steel blade to cut fruits and veggies at three thickness levels: thin, medium, and thick. The food simply needs to be passed over the blade to achieve perfect slices. This slicer can be held at an angle or placed over a bowl to operate. A finger guard is also included to keep hands safe. Clean-up is easy, too. This device is dishwasher safe.

$15 at Amazon
Starfrit Pro Apple Peeler With Slicer

Slice and peel: Starfrit pro-apple peeler with slicer

For a full-service apple prep experience, this peeler and slicer set delivers. Featuring a crank-style peeler and a handled slicer, this purposeful duo removes pesky apple skin and dices too. First, the hand-crank peeler secures apples with its pronged base and peels them with a few handle turns; the spring-loaded bladed arm sweeps across the surface, unfurling the peel in a ribbon. Then, the slicer, divided into eight sections, splits and cores apples.

$20 at Amazon

One piece at a time

Making apples more bite-sized is easy with a slicer. Apple slicers make snack time fun, dicing whole apples into easy-to-eat pieces. Slicers are available in several style options, some shaping apples into wedges and others slicing them into chips. Our staff pick is the Progressive Prepworks 16-slice apple slicer because its handled design is simple to use, dividing with one simple push. Its stainless-steel blades are segmented to craft apples into 16 wedges and remove the core. Aside from the all-important blades, the slicer has an attached safety cover; the cover doubles as a base, helping press the apple through. This device is even easy to clean post apple, polishing in the dishwasher.

To customize your apple slices, the Progressive Prepworks Adjust-a-slice mandoline slicer chips apples into crisp stackable pieces with several thickness options. Different thicknesses can be achieved by adjusting the stainless-steel blade to one of its three settings: thin, medium, and thick. This mandoline slicer resembles a paddle and slices cleanly at an angle or over a bowl. Slices are achieved by passing fruits or veggies over the blade. It's that simple. The slicer also includes a finger guard to keep hands protected.

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