Cover your glass, folks. The iPhone X is one of the most expensive mobile devices ever released. Apple used stainless steel to keep the body durable; however, the glass between your fingers and the display is at risk to shatter. That’s why you should probably get a screen protector for your iPhone X. There are plenty of choices out there, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get high-end protection.

Here are some of the best screen protectors for the Apple iPhone X.

Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass

  • Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

You know Anker for its accessories, though it’s unlikely you’re familiar with the brand’s screen protectors. Chargers, cables, and speakers are what everyone typically looks to Anker for. The GlassGuard Tempered Glass screen protector, which holds a high customer satisfaction rating on Amazon, does everything to keep your iPhone X in prime condition.

Its DoubleDefense technology can’t be found anywhere else. The brand uses reinforced glass to give the screen protector twice as much strength, and it’s still scratch-resistant and fingerprint-resistant. Anker wants your iPhone X’s display to always look as good as it did on the first day you opened its box. And you’re getting everything necessary to apply the screen protector perfectly.

Although there’s high-end technology here, this screen protector isn’t expensive. Anker sells the GlassGuard Tempered Glass screen protector in a two-pack for just $8.

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OMOTION Premium Tempered Glass

  • Price: $8, eligible for Prime shipping

The screen protector currently listed as Amazon’s Choice is from OMOTION. That’s because this screen protector, offered in a two-pack, includes laser-cut dimensions and 9H hardness at an attractive price. There’s also a hydrophobic-oleophobic coating to reduce smudges and fingerprints. Keeping your iPhone X looking pretty is nothing more than a wipe away.

In the box is a guide frame and bubble-free adhesive. Just line up your iPhone X in the guide frame and you should have no problem mastering the application.

Amazon normally lists OMOTION’s Premium Tempered Glass screen protector at $7.85, and occasionally a coupon to drop a dollar or two is available. So you could end up getting two quality screen protectors for less than $3 each.

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Maxboost Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass

  • Price: $10, eligible for Prime shipping

Perhaps the most popular screen protector for the iPhone X is this one. It’s the Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass screen protector made by Maxboost. Aside from a 4.5-star rating, thousands of people have left reviews on Amazon. No one should overlook this option because it includes three units for what you’d normally pay to get one.

Maxboost created one of the thinnest screen protectors around. Don’t be discouraged by the 0.25mm measurement, though. It’s still made of tempered glass, and there’s enough strength to absorb impact and reject scratches. Of course, too, a clear coating is present to stop sweat and oil from staining.

Like other screen protectors, this one comes with an installation frame. Maxboost also has videos posted online for you to watch and understand exactly how to apply the Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass screen protectors. If anything goes wrong, get in touch with the brand. A lifetime warranty is included for you to get a fresh unit in case yours breaks or shows flaws.

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ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+

  • Price: $40, eligible for Prime shipping

ZAGG makes premium products, and the InvisibleShield Glass+ screen protector isn’t cheap. You’ll have to pay $40 for it. That may seem like a lot, but the technology implemented is industry-leading. Nobody seems to make more reliable screen protectors than ZAGG.

Put this screen protector on your iPhone X and you’ll instantly triple shatter protection. ZAGG uses layers that fight smudges, scratches, impact, and bubbles. Your iPhone X should remain in pristine shape while the Invisible Glass+ screen protector sits atop the display.

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Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM Tempered Glass

  • Price: $9, eligible for Prime shipping

Brands big and small make accessories for Apple’s iPhone X. You have to know which ones to trust. Over the years, there’s probably never been better loyalty built anywhere than Spigen. Its cases and screen protectors have been applauded year after year, device after device. Spigen creates premium accessories without the heavy price tag.

The GLAS.tR SLIM Tempered Glass screen protector features 9H hardness to laugh at everyday things capable of scratching your display. But it’s not too thick. Spigen maintains full sensitivity so your iPhone X registers every tap and long-press.

Included in this two-pack is a set of dust stickers, cleaning wipes, and a cloth. Spigen also puts installation wings on the screen protectors for you to manually align it on top of the display.

Spigen’s customer service is also among the best in the business. With the GLAS.tR SLIM Tempered Glass screen protector, you can relax by having a risk-free lifetime warranty. Have problem? Get in touch with the support team. Chances are Spigen will send you a fresh replacement in little time.

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