Amazon has created an incredible line of smart speakers over the last few years. The Echo and Echo Dot are two of the most popular choices in the world. It’s not only because of Alexa. Despite their low prices, the sound produced by this duo is actually above what you’d expect. Listening to music, managing connected devices in the home, taking calls, and more couldn’t be any easier. Now you should consider adding an accessory or two to the mix as your smart speaker will become even more useful.

Here are some of the best accessories for the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf

  • Price: $15, eligible for Prime shipping

Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot aren’t too big, but sometimes you might not have proper space for either of them on a counter or other surface. ECHOGEAR makes the Outlet Shelf that, as its name tells you, serves as a shelf surrounding your wall outlet. It’s nothing more than a cover you install over the current wall outlet to add a shelf capable of holding anything up to 10lbs.

Once your Outlet Shelf is put in place, you can sit your smart speaker on top. It also has a built-in cable management channel to funnel your Echo or Echo Dot’s wire neatly to the wall outlet.

If you’re trying to have the power of Alexa in your kitchen or another area where space is limited or outlets are borderline unreachable, get ECHOGEAR’s Outlet Shelf. Also, unlike other mounts, this one doesn’t make a second wall outlet unusable. When your Echo or Echo Dot is in use, the other wall outlet remains completely open.

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Sanus Wall Mount

  • $15, eligible for Prime shipping

Wall outlets are hard to reach at times, and that’s because often they’re placed in small areas where we can’t easily reach. That’s why cords exist in the first place. Sanus’ Wall Mount for the Echo Dot allows you to mount the smart speaker on walls or ceilings using a sleek holder and some 3M Command strips.

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Amazon Alexa Voice Remote

  • Price: $30, eligible for Prime shipping

Amazon’s smart speakers use a number of microphones to hear you. The Echo has seven microphones, and so does its smaller sibling. Everyone is always impressed by how well the Echo and Echo Dot can hear in noisy environments; however, sometimes you don’t want to be yelling across a room or over people just so Alexa picks up on your voice commands.

It looks familiar, but this isn’t the same remote that ships with the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Here, Amazon removed a few buttons. The Alexa Voice Remote pairs with your smart speaker via Bluetooth to relay requests. The remote features a microphone button to alert Alexa and the usual set of playback buttons to start, stop, and pause music.

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Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit

  • Price: $100, eligible for Prime shipping

While the Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit isn’t an accessory that directly attaches to your smart speaker, it does unlock awesome possibilities. Philips made an ecosystem for home automation based entirely on lighting. This bundle gets you the essentials to start out — one bridge and two bulbs.

Using just your voice, you can ask Alexa on your smart speaker to control the lighting in your home. The Echo devices work with Philips’ smart bulbs to turn lights on/off, set timers and schedules, and change brightness.

In the event you want two units, Philips sells various single and multi-packs. The company even offers smart bulbs that can change colors rather than stay white the whole time.

There’s no doubt you’ll find cheaper smart bulbs, but they’re going to lack Alexa support and thus won’t work through your Echo or Echo Dot. Philips makes the best smart bulbs in the game and prices them as such.

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Wemo Mini Smart Plug

  • $35, eligible for Prime shipping

Converting your home into a ‘smart home’ is an expensive process. Unless your budget is unlimited, pick up Wemo’s Mini Smart Plug to handle the work while saving money. It’s a simple accessory that connects to your existing wall outlet and makes it smart. How? By creating a wall outlet of its own. Wemo lets you connect anything to the Mini Smart Plug and then allows you to control it with Alexa on the Echo and Echo Dot.

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Wasserstein Portable Battery Case

  • Price: $35, eligible for Prime shipping

These days you can find portable smart speakers powered by Alexa, but it might not be necessary for most Echo Dot owners. Wasserstein makes a portable battery case that turns the Echo Dot from a stationary smart speaker to a portable smart speaker. There’s a 7000mAh battery built-in that keeps Amazon’s device going for up to eight hours. On standby, this accessory allows the Echo Dot to run for up to twelve hours on a single charge.

You’re also not forced to carry around your Echo Dot in an ugly case. Wasserstein thought about style, so it allows you to choose from five different colors.

Aside from looking good, Wasserstein’s portable battery case for the Echo Dot even protects the plastic casing. It uses a “durable nylon woven fabric” to handle bumps, scratches, and durt. Underneath there’s a rubber grip, too, to make your Echo Dot’s placement secure.

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Amazon Echo Dot Case

  • Price: $10-$20, eligible for Prime shipping

You’re perfectly happy with your Echo Dot, right? Then don’t go overboard with accessories. Sometimes you don’t need anything to have a really good experience. But, to be honest, the Echo Dot isn’t very attractive. Amazon didn’t use metal, glass, rubber for the body. Knowing that folks could want to spruce up the appearance of their Echo Dot, Amazon released six cases.

Colors include Charcoal Fabric, Indigo Fabric, Sandstone Fabric, Merlot Leather, Midnight Leather, and Saddle Tan Leather.

Because of the options, you’re easily going to find a case that allows your Echo Dot to blend in with the rest of your furniture and decor. Amazon also kept pricing low. The fabric-based cases are just $10 while the leather-based cases are $20. You can’t add style to your Echo Dot at a better price.

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Amazon Echo Buttons

  • Price: $20, eligible for Prime shipping

Hosting a game night with Alexa is a lot more fun with Amazon’s Echo Buttons. Through various games, you use these illuminated buttons to respond.

Games tied into the Echo Buttons include Trivial Pursuit TapHanagramButton Monte, and Don’t Cut that Wire.

Setting them up is easy, too. Ask Alexa to literally “set up my Echo Buttons,” and the digital assistant will handle the pairing for you. They’re compatible with the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus, and Echo Spot. So you can take these accessories with you and still use them even if a friend or family member has something other than the Echo or Echo Dot.

The Echo Button is sold in a two-pack, and the price is $20 with free shipping. That means you can pick up more two sets for the ultimate Alexa-hosted game night.

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