Best Cases for AirPods TechnoBuffalo 2022

AirPods are some of the best wireless earphones you can buy right now. They're awesome to carry around, but that also makes them susceptible to common everyday wear, and these cases we've picked out will protect them from taking too much unwanted wear.

Rugged leather protection: Nomad Rugged Case

Staff Favorite

Nomad makes the best case for the AirPods with the Rugged Case. It is made of its ubiquitous vegetable-tanned Horween Leather, which feels amazing, that covers a hard shell that takes the bumps and bruises for your AirPods. It's a two-piece set-up, which means you won't sacrifice satisfying opening click.

$30 at Nomad

A carrying case: Twelve South AirSnap

The Twelve South AirSnap is more of a carrying pouch than a case, but given it looks so damn good, who cares? Made of full-grain leather that comes in three distinct colors—black, cognac and deep teal—it looks stunning and the snap closure and charging cutout at the bottom ensure easy access.

$20 at Amazon

All-weather protection: Catalyst Waterproof Case

If you are looking for more outdoorsy protection, the Catalyst Waterproof Base is your best bet. As the name suggests, it is made to be used outdoors with its waterproof enclosure thanks to the soft-touch silicone case. It also has a handy light-weight carabiner to attach to your backpack.

$30 at Apple

Color your case: Elago Duo Case

One of the unfortunate things about the AirPods is that they are only available in one single color. If that's not your speed, the Elago Duo Case not only offers protection, it also adds a much-needed splash of color. The high-grade silicone case is available in ten unique two-tone colors.

$10 at Amazon

A straight-up case: PodSkinz Case

Some people just want a minimal case that will just protect their AirPods and the PodSkinz Case does that fantastically with perfunctory effect. It does the one job great thanks to its silicone finish that will absorb any impact that could affect your AirPods. It is also available in eight colors, one of which will match your style.

$9 at Amazon

Roomy for accessories: CaseSack Travel Case

We've presented just about every option for AirPods cases, except one: a travel case. The CaseSack Travel Case can house your AirPods and other accessories like an extra Lightning cable to charge and a wall plug you may need to carry with you.

$12 at Amazon

AirPods deserve protection too

When Apple launched AirPods, they were greeted with ridicule given their funky stem design and high price. But look at them now. They are the most popular wireless earphones you can buy right now. Not only that, they launched a meme wave of how "rich" people are for buying AirPods. They went from a joke to a status symbol real quick, and it's best to keep that status symbol protected.

A great option is the Elago Duo Case. The pastel finish are the first thing catches the eye, but it is also great at protection AirPods. The case is made of a soft, silicone finish that with take in all of the daily wear and tear AirPods take. Plus, it looks pretty great.

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