Best Air Compressors for Pneumatic Tools TechnoBuffalo 2020

Air compressors have so many uses these days that having one available for DIY, work, or even just refilling your tires is a great idea. With the prices becoming more reasonable every day, there is no reason to hesitate. We've put together a list of some of the best compressors for any job you can think of.

Best Overall: Bostitch Pancake Compressor

Staff Pick

The Bostitch is a compact but powerful compressor to have in your workshop or garage. While it may struggle to frame an entire house, using it for roofing, tire fill, and general air around the workshop will be perfect. It comes with a small kit to get you started, and at this price, it's almost perfect.

$100 at Amazon

For starting out: Bostitch Pancake Compressor Kit

If you are just starting in this adventure we call DIY, you may not even have the tools to make use of an air compressor. Happily, Bostitch bundles the three most used tools with its pancake compressor for a pretty reasonable sum of money. It's worth picking up if you are starting from scratch.

$199 at Amazon

Build it in: California Air In-cabinet Compressor

This is a little more than the other compressors on this list. Okay, it's a lot more; but it is also designed to keep the sound of the compressor to a bare minimum. This runs at around 40 decibels and is enclosed in a wheeled cabinet. If you are looking for a professional look at your workshop and quiet life, this is for you.

$1,194 at Amazon

Maximum pressure!: Porter Cable 20 Gallon Compressor

Sometimes you need volume, and the Porter Cable compressor delivers that without question. With a 20-gallon air container, you can run two or three lines to different equipment easily, making it far more versatile than the average compressor. Buy this is you have a more extensive workshop with multiple workstations.

$300 at Amazon

Great starter kit: Craftsman 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor

Another excellent in-home compressor, the Craftsman pancake compressor kit, comes with everything you need to start making good use of your new toy. There are valves, hoses, and connectors for most jobs already supplied when you buy it, saving time and money.

$150 at Amazon

It's oh so quiet: Briggs & Stratton Ultra-Quiet Compressor

The Briggs & Stratton does everything you expect from a 4.5-gallon compressor that runs at 90PSI, but it does it incredibly quietly. While you expect workshops to be noisy, sometimes it's nice to have at least one tool doing what it does at a whisper rather than a shout.

$175 at Amazon

Blast away the cobwebs

I have two air compressors in my workshop. For all the big jobs, including powering my tools, I use the Bostitch Pancake Compressor. I'm not rebuilding houses or anything, but for my impact wrench and cleaning my CNC machine, it's perfect. It really is a good all-around compressor.

For my airbrushing, though, I needed something a little more delicate. The Master Airbrush Compressor is excellent for this application; it's custom-designed for it, after all. While it isn't the quietest compressor around, it is perfect for those of us just starting in airbrushing. It's just the ticket for those light finishing touches.

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