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Best Adjustable Workout Benches TechnoBuffalo 2022

Workout benches have long been used to help with support during weight training. Adjustable benches give you extra support for aerobic exercise, too, in addition to weight training, which makes them much more appealing and useful in home gyms. The Flybird multipurpose, adjustable workout bench is the best because of its versatility, sturdy construction, overall weight limit, ease of storage, and affordability.

Best Overall: Flybird Full Body

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The Flybird full-body workout bench is an excellent choice for both beginners and mid-range level users. It has six different back positions and four seat positions for a great mix of combinations to help with both weight training and aerobic exercises. Adjusting the back is easy. Simply pull up on the kick-stand type bar in the back and slide it up or down to the next holding groove.

The bench is made with high-grade steel and supports up to 500 pounds. The back is almost 10 inches wide, has 18 inches of padding, and is covered with sturdy leather. When you're done using this Flybird bench, you can easily fold it up for storing, offering more room in your home in between workouts.

When collapsed, this bench is only about 12 inches high, so it will easily slip under most beds or fit into the corner without protruding too much into your personal space. The Flybird multipurpose adjustable workout bench doesn't cost a lot, so it is a decent investment. It works for most exercises, but some users have mentioned that the bench does wiggle a bit when using it for step-up type exercises. This workout bench also isn't a good choice for tall people. It will fit users up to 5 feet, 9 inches tall.


  • Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Multiple back and seat positions
  • Collapsible


  • Not good for step-up exercises
  • Doesn't fit tall people

Best Overall

workout bench

Flybird Full Body

Good for beginners and mid-level users

The Flybird adjustable workout bench had multiple positions to support multiple uses for both aerobics and weight training.

Best Value: Marcy Multi-Position Bench

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The Marcy multi-position bench not only reclines to a fully flat position but also declines to give you extra positions and challenges during your workout. This adjustable workout bench supports military-type workouts and exercises designed to target specific muscle groups. It can be used as a standalone bench or coupled with other workout equipment like exercise cages and free weights.

This bench has padded leg rollers that make it more comfortable as you work out your abs. When you're done with your workout, the Marcy bench is easy to wipe down then collapse to nearly 17 inches tall, making it easier to store out of the way in between workout sessions.

This bench easily holds up to 300 pounds. The Marcy multi-position bench comes fully disassembled, so you will have your work cut out for you putting it together. It does come with instructions and tools you need. You can pay an additional fee for professional assembly of this workout bench.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Fully adjustable seat


  • Full assembly required
  • Professional assembly available for a fee

Best Value

workout bench

Marcy Multi-Position Bench

Low cost, big value

This workout bench supports multiple positions with its adjustable back, and it's easy on the pocketbook.

Compact Bench: GYMENIST Compact Workout Bench

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This workout bench has three adjustable positions, including decline, plus the seat part also is adjustable for additional workout positions. This GYMENIST bench is compact and comes fully assembled. The feet move in and out to help you properly balance the workout bench, and it has a cushioned footrest that doubles as a support beam for sit-ups.

The GYMENIST compact bench comes with an extra back cushion that attaches to the back of the seat and adjusts up and down to give you more support during your workout. Also, it can support taller people comfortably. After you're done, this workout bench folds down to a mere 10 inches high, making it easy to store to take along on trips with you. The manufacturer claims that this bench can hold a total of 550 pounds, which is really impressive compared to other workout benches that typically only hold 330 pounds.

However, several users have purchased this bench and have claimed their bench can't hold more than 400 pounds, some even less. Also, while the back and seat parts are padded and covered, they are stapled together in a way that wears down and pulls apart rather easy when used for exercises that require more twisting motions.


  • Compact design
  • Extra back and head padding
  • Adjustable back and seat


  • Wears down quickly
  • Cushions are stapled rather than sewn

Compact Bench

workout bench

GYMENIST Compact Workout Bench

Compact and portable

The GYMENIST bench collapses to 10-inches tall, is lightweight, and comes fully assembled. It's comfortable for taller users.

Built-in Resistance: Yoleo Adjustable Workout Bench

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The Yoleo workout bench includes resistant cords that attach to the foothold to give you more exercise options compared to other workout benches. The seatback is over 29 inches tall and 12 inches wide, large enough to accommodate users up to 6 feet tall. Plus, it holds a combined weight of 330 pounds. This is about the right size for most average people. For larger or taller individuals, you will need to look for a workout bench with a longer seatback.

The Yoleo back has seven adjustable levels and is made with foam that both gives comfort but also solid support during your workout. Its cover is made with sweat-resistant material that is easy to wipe clean when you're done. While the Yoleo adjustable workout bench comes 98 percent assembled, there are still some parts that you will need to put on yourself. Instructions and the tools you need come packaged with this bench. Most users report that assembling the last few parts are very easy to do.


  • Includes resistance bands
  • Seven seat positions
  • Sweat-resistant cover


  • Some assembly required

Built-in Resistance


Yoleo Adjustable Workout Bench

Workout support and then some

This seven-level adjustable workout bench includes resistance straps for even more exercise options.

Why we picked Flybird as the best workout bench

New to weight training? Flybird is the workout bench for you. Have a few years of aerobic exercise under your belt? Flybird works for you, too.

The Flybird full-body workout bench adjusts to multiple positions to support a wide variety of workouts. It easily holds up to 500 pounds, so using it as a weight bench is possible. But it also is suitable for supporting aerobic exercises like sit-ups and squats. It isn't the most sturdy for step-up exercise, though, and will wiggle slightly as you step on it.

This bench is made with high-grade steel and includes a foot and leg rest covered in anti-slip foam. The back is nearly 10 inches wide, and the whole bench is 47 inches long. This isn't enough room to support anyone over 5 foot 9 inches tall, though Flybird does have several other adjustable workout benches available that support users over 6 feet high. All padding on the back and seat are covered with durable leather. This makes it easy to wipe up when you're done exercising, plus you can fold up the bench and slip it into a corner or under most beds in between workouts.

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