Best Adhesive Removers TechnoBuffalo 2021

Everything from the stickers you plastered on your laptop and water bottle to the duct tape you stuck on your tent's fly as an emergency repair kit leaves behind a sticky residue that is nearly impossible to remove. You can scrub and rub and soak, but some things need a little extra help. That's when we turn to adhesive removers, products that get the gunk, and sticky stuff off anything. These are our favorite adhesive removers of the year.


Best for everything: Goo Gone Goo & Adhesive Remover

Staff Pick

Goo Gone is a staple in our household and has been for years. It lifts glue, crayons, gum, stickers, tar, and tape grime from hard surfaces without much elbow grease on your part. It smells citrusy and fresh, not like chemicals, and doesn't damage windows, countertops, car dashboards, video game cartridges, or other items. When you have a stubborn, gooey mess, your first line of defense should be Goo Gone.

$8 at Amazon

Best for skin: Smith & Nephew Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover Wipes

Bandages and medical tapes leave behind an almost impossible-to-remove level of gunk. Scrubbing and scratching at already sensitive skin is never a good idea, and that why we keep Uni-Solve around. You'll get 50 individually wrapped cleaning wipes in this box. They smell great, are irritation-free, and easily erase the gluey stuff left behind from ostomy pouches, medical tape, bandages, insulin pumps, and more.

$10 at Amazon

Works fast: RapidTac Rapid Remover

RapidTac Rapid Remover cleans away the grimy stuff left behind by decals, hook and loop closures, stickers, and vinyl wraps. RapidTac works in less than one minute, and leaves surfaces squeaky clean. Perfect for cars, RVs, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and windows, RapidTac destroys the leftover adhesive on surfaces so you can effortlessly wipe it away with a rag or paper towel.

$11 at Amazon

Great on vehicles: 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner

Trusted by body shops and auto detailers, 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner is gentle on surfaces but tough on stains and sticky residue. This liquid cleaner can be used on painted metals and plastics, including your car's exterior, and also on vinyl and fabric. The 3M solvent softens sticky substances quickly so you can wipe them away without damaging exterior or interior surfaces.

$28 at Amazon

We're stuck on these adhesive removers

Sticky residue left behind on windows, cars, laptops, countertops, and other hard surfaces are no match for my favorite adhesive remover, Goo Gone. With a clean, fresh scent and powerful cleaning agents, Goo Gone erases sticky residue from car dashboards, laptops, countertops, tables, and other hard surfaces.

No matter how many showers you take or how hard you scrub your skin, the goopy mess that bandages and medical tape leave behind is unreal. Uni-Solve is the product I trust at my house to dissolve the mess and clean skin without irritation.

For cars, trucks, and RVs, nothing compares to 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner. Detailing shops and autobody repair centers keep this on hand to deal with residue left on painted surfaces, seats, and dashboards, and you should, too.

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