Best 4-Person Tents TechnoBuffalo 2021

For a family of four, or even a couple of people that would like a little more legroom while camping, a 4-person tent is a great solution. All of the tents on our list are waterproof, easy to set up, and have gear pockets. They also are all lightweight enough to pack up and carry long for several days of adventures. Whether you're a fan of dome tents or cabin-style, we've rounded up a good list of the best.

Coleman Sundome Tent

Best overall: Coleman Sundome Tent

Staff Pick

Coleman is the master of creating quality outdoor products and its Sundome tent is the best for keeping a good group of friends or family warm, cozy, and dry on your next camping trip. The dome-shaped tent and the included rainfly keep water from slipping inside and the frame has been tested and will withstand wind gusts up to 35 mph. One convenient feature of this tent is the e-port. This lets you connect an extension cord to an outside power source and let you connect and charge your electronics safely inside the tent. The Coleman Sundome features and easy to set up design that typically only takes 10 minutes to finish.

$100 at Amazon
Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

Best dome tent: Weanas Professional Tent

The Weanas Professional tent is made especially for outdoor enthusiasts that spend a few nights outdoors. It features two doors for good ventilation, but also makes it easy for everyone to get in and out. It has two mesh windows and a skylight for enjoying the stars when you sleep. This tent rolls up small and tight and includes a carrying back that can be attached to your hiking pack, or worn like a backpack for toting along on your adventure. The tent itself has two layers. When set up correctly the outer layer can be used as a storage space. The Weanas four-person tent is made to last three seasons.

$100 at Amazon
Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Best backpacking tent: Coleman Hooligan Tent

This eight-foot by seven-foot tent is covered with a full rainfly that covers several feet outside the front door to keep a nice porch area dry and cut down on mud, dirt, and water getting inside the tent. The vestibule can also be used for additional camping space. It's large enough to fit three camp pads. That's in addition to the four people that can fit inside the actual tent. The interior of the Coleman Hooligan tent is made completely of mesh for excellent air flow.

$73 at Amazon
Ot Qomotop Camping Tent

Best cabin-style tent: OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent

This cabin-style tent is just under five feet high in the center. It holds four adults comfortably in sleeping bags, or a queen-sized air mattress with enough space around it to safely walk around it. The ground vents and mesh ceiling help with airflow throughout the tent and, along with the rainfly, won't allow water droplets to collect on the ceiling or within the tent itself. The seams are reinforced with PU taping and the floor has PE tubing that is welded in the corner to ensure water doesn't get in from the bottom.

$100 at Amazon
Coleman Cabin Tent

Best for families: Coleman Cabin Tent

This tent is very roomy with a 4-person, 6-person, and 10-person option, depending on the amount of room you want for your family. The center is over six and a half feet tall, so most people can comfortably walk around or stand inside this tent. The tent is made to reflect heat away from it, so it stays cooler inside. The windows are covered with a darkroom material that blocks out 90 percent of sunlight, which helps little ones sleep longer and better. It also has a room divider for more privacy inside. The Coleman cabin tent is a popup design that is easy to set up in under a minute. It includes a rainfly to keep water from running into the tent.

$117 at Amazon

Covering the ins and outs of tent camping

Coleman is the best maker of any size tent and the Sundome is the best for a fun camping experience. It will keep you and your gear dry, is easy to transport between camping spots and features an e-port where you can charge your cell phone, camera, and other electronics.

For a family campout where you have little ones and likely staying put for a few days, check out the Coleman Cabin tent. It had blackout windows to keep it dark inside, which is helpful with kids trying to sleep and it has enough wiggle room that everyone can be comfortable.

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