Best 3-Person Tents TechnoBuffalo 2021

All of the tents on our roundup are well constructed, easy to set up, and come with a minimum one-year warranty. Not all tents are made for overnighters, though. You'll find tents for day trips, motorcyclists. and ice fishing, too. Here's a list of our favorite 3-person tents.

Coleman Sundome Tent

Best Overall: Coleman Sundome Tent

Staff Pick

This tent is made from snag-free material and sewn so even the tent pole won't catch or rip the tent while being set up. The rainfly gives you added protection from rain and other elements while also keeping everything inside the tent dry. The poles of the Coleman Sundome tent have been tested and will easily withstand over 35 mph wind gusts. Near the bottom of the tent is an e-port, an opening that lets you safely thread an extension cord into the tent to run electric items or charge cell phones. Coleman does have a dome-shaped tent option available that includes a screened room and sunlight blocking technology.

$53 at Amazon
Alpha Camp Lightweight Tent

Best Lightweight Tent: Alpha Camp LightweightTent

The Alpha Camp three-person tent gives everyone plenty of wiggle room plus storage space for your gear. In addition to pockets placed around the sides of the tent, there is a gear loft. It features a ground vent and three zippered windows so you will get plenty of good air circulation. The poles are wind resistant and the included rainfly keeps everyone inside dry. The best part of this three-person tent is that it's lightweight and easy to pack up and move with you on a long hiking or camping trip. It includes a carrying bag that can be worn as a backpack, or you can attach the whole thing to hiking a pack.

$60 at Amazon
Bessport Two Door Camping Tent

Best Two Door Tent: Bessport Two Door Camping Tent

The Bessport three-person tent features two doors to make it easier for everyone to get in and out. Both zippered doors also have a mesh layer so you can keep them closed while also allowing good airflow through the tent. This tent also has a skylight and several vents throughout. There is plenty of room in this tent for three or four people and some gear. The rainfly keeps the rain off and out of the tent while the seams are taped to keep water from seeping in from the ground. When packed away, this tent is really compact to make it easy to carry and only weighs six pounds.

$100 at Amazon
Ot Qomotop Camping Tent

Best Cabin-style Tent: OT QOMOTOP Cabin Tent

This cabin-style tent has a lot of headroom and extra space for everyone to easily move around. You can get four adult-sized sleeping bags in this OT QOMTOP tent, or you can place a queen-sized air mattress inside and use the extra space to store your gear. The tent has three zippered windows and a double-layer door with mesh that allows adequate airflow while keeping the bugs out. There is also a ground vent and an electrical port for running power into the tent for charging mobile devices. The tent itself is made from waterproof materials and has both inner tent seams and a rainfly to prevent water from creeping in.

$110 at Amazon
Vuz Motor Bike Camping Tent

Best Garage-style Tent: Vuz Motorcycle Camping Tent

The Vuz tent is especially for the iron horse riders that need to stop for a bit on their cross-country rides. The tent itself holds three people comfortably, but it also features an integrated and covered garage space to hold your bike and gear while you rest. There is enough room in the garage area to walk around and work on your bike without being disrupted by inclement weather. This tent has four doors all with a mesh window option to help with airflow. It's made to keep water out as you sleep and when put away it is compact enough to easily be attached to, or stashed away in your bike's cargo compartments.

$270 at Amazon
AmazonBasics Popup Shade Shelter Tent

Best Day Tent: AmazonBasics Pop-up Beach Tent

This AmazonBasics popup tent is made to give you shade and a place to rest during day trips outdoors. It sets up in minutes and gives you lots of protection from the sun with its dome-shaped design. The door is always open, but there is an extending mat that is connected and gives more room for sitting or laying down in the shade. This is a great day tent for little ones who need a break for a nap or a quiet moment from stimulating activities. Three adults can also fit in this tent for a quick afternoon snooze or to rest from sun exposure. When you're ready to pack up, the AmazonBasics shade shelter collapses relatively small and slips into a handy carrying case.

$31 at Amazon
Eskimo Quickfish 3 Tent

Best for Ice Fishing: Eskimo Quickfish 3

The Eskimo Quickfish tent is for ice fishing. This three-person tent gives everyone enough room to comfortably sit around the fishing hole and plenty of elbow room to reel in their catch in. Several mesh gear bags are placed around the tent that are deep to hold a fair amount of stuff. There are windows that can be removed with a hook and loop design to help you decide how much ventilation you need. It sets on the ground and is anchored using a self-tapping method that grips the ice and reduces pressure and the risk of its poles bending. The tent sets up quickly, typically under 60 seconds.

$174 at Amazon

Bottom line

We recommend the Coleman Sundome Tent for your next camping trip because it is built to last several camping seasons before wearing down. It's built to last at least three seasons, which is a lot of time to enjoy the outdoors while also having shelter nearby. The Alpha Camp tent is also a good option if you're hiking to your camping spot because of its lightweight design and ease of carrying with you. For bikers, we recommend looking at the Vuz. This tent straps easily to your motorcycle and includes a garage to store your bike out of the elements while you sleep.

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