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Nothing can stop a Trane, except a dirty furnace filter. In fact, changing the filter on any furnace at least every three months is an easy way to keep your furnace working efficiently and prolong its life. The best furnace filters help reduce dust, pollen, bacteria, and allergens in your home, so it's important to find a balance between affordability and high quality. Whether you're looking for fiberglass, pleated, electrostatic, or HEPA filters, we're here to help you find it. Don't know the difference? We'll help you there, too. Here are the best 16 x 25 x 1 furnace filters.

Best overall: FilterBuy Pleated Air Filter

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FilterBuy makes the best furnace filters and these pleated filters capture everything from dust mites to pollen and even mold. Lint, pet dander, and several other pollutants don't get through these filters, either. These can be used in both residential and commercial furnaces. The frame of the FilterBuy filters is made of beverage board. This makes is a good choice for humid environments because it tends to resist mold and mildew. It also easily withstands furnace temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This pack of FiterBuy comes with four filters.

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Best value: Filtrete MPR 300, 6-Pack

These pleated filters stop super small particles including pollen, smoke, and bacteria. They will also capture some viruses as the furnace air passes through it. The pleated design of each filter lets air flow continue without any resistance, plus it cuts down on mold spores and dust mite debris in your air. You get six filters with this pack of Filtrete MPR 300. This is enough for a year and a half of filter changes before you need more. These filters work with furnaces, air conditioners, and HVAC systems.

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Best fiberglass filter: True Blue 116251 Furnace Filter

These furnace filters are made with fiberglass to capture and hold dust particles firmly and not let them back into the air. It uses a gel adhesive over the filament to keep particles permanently stuck. Your furnace will still run nicely because the airflow won't be restricted in any way using True Blue filters. The Tru Blue fiberglass filters are also good on the budget because 12 are in each box. Since fiberglass filters need to be changed for frequently than other types of filters, a box of True Blue will last you a full year.

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Best electrostatic filter: Trophy Air HVAC Furnace Filte

If you have an electrostatic HVAC system, then you need an electrostatic filter and this one by Trophy Air is the one to get. It easily traps dust, pollen, and allergens within its fibers while allowing good airflow to pass through and into your home. This filter is washable, so you can reuse it over and over again. Plus this bundle comes with six, so you'll be set for many years before needing to purchase any replacement filters.

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Best for allergy sufferers: Nordic Pure MERV 12 Filter, Box of 6

The Nordic Pure furnace filters capture a good amount of air contaminants including dust and pollen. It is also effective at gathering pet dander and some bacteria. Its pleated microfibers keep pollutants in place while allowing clean air to flow freely through it and into your home. While most pleated filters can be changed every three months, because this filter is made from electrostatic material, and captures more air particles, it is recommended that filters be changed every one or two months.

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Best clean air filters: Aerostar Home Max MERV 13 Air Filter, 6-Pack

The Aerostar Home Max is as close to the HEPA filter you can get without restricting airflow through your furnace. With as MERV of 13, it can capture very small particles, including bacteria. Pet dander, dust, and allergens are also no match for these filters. These filters are a combination of pleated and electrostatic filters. The electrostatic fibers make it much more difficult for air particles to get away while the pleated pattern helps with overall airflow. These filters can be used in both electrostatic and traditional furnaces.

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Getting a little heated over your furnace filters? Here's a quick rundown.

If your furnace is huffin' and puffin' and full of hot air, you need to make sure the filter is changed often so it isn't overworked. There are four different types of furnace filters. Most work in any furnace, but there are specific situations where one might be a better choice over the rest. Also, regardless of the filter you choose, find one with a MERV rating of at least five or higher. This means it is better at capturing smaller particles in the air, including allergens and bacteria.

Pleated Filters These are the most common types of furnace filters. They last three months between filter changes and trap pollutants without hindering airflow. Most can capture allergens and even bacteria. They are made to be recycled after use making them eco-friendly as well. The best overall pleated filters are by FilterBuy, and this 4-pack is a decent investment for a full year of filtering. Though for an even better value on pleated filters, consider the Filtrete MPR 300 6-pack.

Fiberglass Filters Fiberglass filters are also sometimes called synthetic filters. These filters, like the True Blue 116251 are the best for trapping dust and large dirt particles that tend to corrode the fan, motor, and heat exchangers of your furnace. They also tend to be the cheapest furnace filters. The fiberglass filling keeps the air flowing well from your furnace, however, synthetic filters don't capture other contaminants in the air, including allergens and pet dander. It isn't the best if you hope to maintain the overall health of you and your family in addition to keeping your furnace clean. Also, fiberglass filters need to be replaced monthly rather than every three months.

Electrostatic Filters These filters are made for a specific type of furnace system known as an electrostatic furnace. They use a special type of fiber that attracts and captures air particles while also allowing proper airflow through your unit. It's really good at capturing pollen and allergens. These filters are typically made to be washed and reused. However, if you put a washed filter back into your furnace without it being completely dry, the filter will grow mildew and moldy. The best electrostatic filter is by Trophy Air. However, you can use the Nordic Pure MERV 12 filter. This is a combined electrostatic and pleated filter that can be used in both electrostatic and traditional furnaces. It is also disposable.

HEPA Filters HEPA, or high efficiency particulate air filters, trap particles so small even bacteria and viruses can pass through them. They have a MERV rating of over 13 with the highest having a rating of 16. While HEPA filters are amazing for cleaning the air, they cut off most of the airflow of your furnace, causing it to work harder and costing you both in money and in higher energy use. Experts don't recommend using a true HEPA filter in your furnace, but one with a MERV rating of 13 will come pretty close. It just won't capture the smallest viruses in the air. The Aerostar Home Max is a pleated furnace filter, but with a MERV of 13, it is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers, or for those who want the cleanest air possible flowing from their furnace.

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