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Are you planning to venture into the great outdoors? You will want to travel light while having the essentials. A 1-person tent is one of those essentials and is a lightweight addition. The Ionopshere tent is just the right size and has lots of room to wiggle, weatherproofing, and an easy setup.

Best Overall: The Ionosphere

When it comes to finding the right tent for your camping adventures, it isn't always easy. You want a tent that is the right size for you and all of your gear, as well as being light enough to make it to your campsite. The Ionosphere offers up a stellar experience for anyone looking for a lightweight, weatherproofed tent that is the perfect size for you when you're by yourself.

The Ionosphere measures over 7 feet long, almost 3 feet wide, and 2.5 feet tall, making it easy for super tall folks to get a decent night's rest. At under 5 lbs, it's also easy to pack up and backpack with so that you can get away from it all. With double sewn seams it's also made to avoid ripping open in storms. This helps to protect from inclement weather of all kinds.

While it is a small tent, you also have options for how it looks. You can keep the rainfly over the entire thing to protect yourself from the elements, or opt to just snooze away under a mosquito net. The tent also comes with a handy repair kit which means if a last-minute rip does happen, you can fix it, instead of being forced to deal with a drafty tent or returning to the real world.

The Ionosphere is the best single person tent that is available today. It offers up plenty of room for even the tallest camper, along with space to store at least clothing away from the elements. The tent is solidly weatherproofed, includes mosquito mesh and is a lightweight model perfect for any camper who wants to ride solo on their next trip into the woods.


  • Extra-long construction
  • Lightweight makes it easy to backpack with
  • Basic repair kit lets you fix issues on the fly


  • Doesn't hold tons of equipment

Best Overall

The Ionosphere

Get comfortable

Spend as much time in the woods as you want with this extra roomy tent built for one person.

Best Value: Yodo

Not every tent on the market is built for weathering storms. The Yodo is a super affordable tent that is built for comfortable camping rather than for long term or winter weather. It offers up a slightly larger option than many single-person tents, and if you are hoping to snuggle up with your honey, two people might even be able to squeeze in.

The sides of the tent are mesh, with a vented top. This is part of what makes the tent less than ideal for inclement weather. While it does also include a rain fly to protect the inside, it can only do so much. This tent comes in three different colors which makes it easy for friends to differentiate their tents from each other.


  • Easy zippered front door
  • Lightweight model comes with carrying bag
  • Vented top and mesh walls


  • Not built for inclement weather

Best Value


The most affordable option available

Take it easy with this tent built for summer camping.

Best Pop-up: TETON Sports Outfitter Tent

For plenty of people, getting your tent set up is the most frustrating aspect of going camping. Between figuring out walls, which tent poles go where, and adjusting the rainfly, it can be a supremely irritating situation. That's where picking up an awesome Pop-up tent comes in. The TETON Sports Outfitter Tent only requires a few quick motions, and you'll be set up and ready to enjoy your time in the woods.

The TETON tent is a basic single person tent, but one of the perks is that it offers upgrades that can be purchased separately. These include a super rainfly and a cot that can be placed under the tent to keep you from sleeping on the ground. Mesh sides to the tent mean that you'll be able to stay cool in the summer, while the rainfly that is included will ensure you stay dry.


  • Super easy to setup
  • Lightweight and easy to backpack with


  • Packing up takes much longer than setup

Best Pop-up

TETON Sports Outfitter Tent

Easy setup

Enjoy stargazing or hide from the sky in this adorable single person pop up tent.

Best Weather Protection: Mountaineering Lynx

Many camping trips end up having to deal with less than ideal weather. Rain, wind, and even snow may get in the way of your weekend outdoors. In those cases having a tent that is capable of shielding you from all of the elements is vital. The Mountaineering Lynx is a tent that is built to withstand inclement weather and allow you to enjoy yourself once the storm has passed.

The frame of the tent is super easy since it only uses two poles to set up. The seams of the tent are all factory sealed, which helps to protect you from the wind. The floor also has a high-quality sealant which means that moisture from the ground won't seep up and through to you as you sleep.


  • Super sealed to protect you from the elements
  • Easy setup with strong aluminum poles
  • Interior vestibule to store gear


  • Can be pesky to fold up and put away

Best Weather Protection

Mountaineering Lynx

Safe from the elements

Stay clear of inclement weather and enjoy a tent with room for you and all your gear.

Best Lightweight: Winterial

If you want to truly get away from the world, the best way to camp is to take everything with you and hike up into the mountains to do it. However, to hike a few miles every pound matters and finding a lightweight tent is in your favor. The Winterial tent is not only small and easy to pack up, but it only weighs 3 pounds.

The Winterial model uses a double hoop assembly to get setup. It's made of a thick material which makes it capable of camping in Spring, Summer and Autumn months. It's also small and compact, although this can be a complication for larger campers.


  • Tiny design is easy to travel with
  • Built to be a 3-season tent
  • Weighs only 3 pounds


  • Very small design lacks space for additional gear

Best Lightweight


Take this tent wherever you roam

Enjoy backpacking in any weather.

Bottom line

Camping is a fun way to burn off stress and escape technological burdens for a few days. However, you need the right equipment for your trip. Each of the tents we've recommended offers up a stellar experience with different features to enhance your camping experience. Out of every tent on our list the best is the Ionopshere.

This tent is a small model but is perfect for a single camper. It has an extra-long design which also gives you room to store your gear at night. With a repair kit that will let you patch up any tears and a compact design that makes it usable for long hikes, it's the best tent for going it solo.

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