After a long and drawn out search, Warner Bros. is ready to move on from Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader and will chose a new actor to take up the mantle in 2019. The news come from The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit who provided some insight into the development of the highly anticipated standalone Batman movie.

According to Kit, director Matt Reeves has already turned in a script to Warner Bros., though he will likely tweak throughout the year. The main idea is complete and the studio wants to get the project off the ground by the end of the year. That matches with a report from last month detailing how Reeves was going to turn in a script to the studio by the end of the year.

Kit notes that the studio wants to begin shooting in November, so a new Batman will definitely have to be chosen by then. That could happen some time around the summer to begin pre-production with the new actor.

It seems that the ball is now really moving for The Batman movie we’ve been waiting on for the better part of two years. Once Reeves came aboard, it was thought the movie was ready to get made but with the drama unfolding with Affleck and the DCEU’s turmoil, those plans were delayed.

Now that Warner Bros it struck gold with the success of Aquaman, it looks as if one of the main movies it wants to make in 2019 is The Batman. That’s very good news for fans of the Dark Knight.