Earlier this year, a report claimed Ben Affleck’s Batman movie would feature most members of the dark knight’s rogue’s gallery, meaning you can pretty much expect every big villain, from Joker to Riddler, to appear in the film. Now, a new report claims not only will we see many of Batman’s most popular enemies, but we’ll find them wreaking havoc on Arkham Asylum.

Here’s part of a report from Batman-News, citing anonymous sources:

According to reliable sources, Ben Affleck may find himself locked up in Arkham Asylum in his solo Batman movie. This wouldn’t be a straight-up adaptation of the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game or the graphic novel by Grant Morrison, though. Affleck has said that his Batman movie will borrow elements from previous Batman stories, but that he’ll be telling an original story.

The report from earlier this year claimed Warner Bros. was encouraging Affleck to “bring in all the big guns” for his upcoming solo flick, which the actor recently said he hopes will be more of a detective/noir film. If indeed we find Affleck’s Batman in Arkham Asylum, we’ll no doubt see plenty of the bone-crunching hand-to-hand combat briefly featured in Batman v Superman.

Affleck recently said he’s in no particular hurry to make a standalone Batman flick, especially with his time currently being taken up by Justice League. If the upcoming film does take place in Arkham Asylum, however, does that mean we’ll see appearances from the characters in Suicide Squad? Probably.