Can't wait to get you hands on your copy of Diablo III? Blizzard has released this behind the scenes trailer for an animated short named Diablo III: Wrath that's intended to keep you on the edge of your seat before the launch of their upcoming blockbuster.

Blizzard has worked alongside director Peter Chung and animation studio titmouse to help bring the land of Sanctuary to life before the launch of Diablo III. 

The focus behind the making of Diablo III: Wrath is to provide the community with the back story they've yet to encounter. With this animated short, Blizzard really wanted to get more in-depth with some of the characters that the series has to offer. Director Peter Chung was brought in to lead the project. His goal was to provide details and back stories to characters that Blizzard wants you know about, but had no way of fitting their details into the game. Specifically, fans will be able to see inside the mind of the Angels and the breakdown of their unity among the heavens.

Blizzard is hoping that this animated short will possibly even serve as a gateway into the Diablo community for players that have yet to play one of the titles.

There's no launch date for Diablo III:Wrath because the community has to unlock it together on Diablo's website. We're hoping to see the animated short soon as a way to hold us off a little longer until Diablo III's May 15th release.

[via VG247]